Tips/Advice On How To Organise A Great Corporate Event

Tips/Advice On How To Organise A Great Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great way for colleagues to form and build on relationships. Radiating a fun and energetic atmosphere, corporate events create a relaxed environment for learning vital team building skills. However planning an event like this is not as easy as it seems and there are many factors to consider. Here are some great tips and pieces of advice about how to arrange a successful corporate event.

Decide on a budget
Before anything is arranged, booked or even thought about, organisers must decide on a budget. Consider a realistic budget, taking into account the amount of people attending, the venue and catering costs and external factors such as publicising. Once a budget is put in place, the planning can properly begin.

Find an appropriate venue
Finding a venue is the first immediate step in the planning process. When deciding upon a venue, organisers should think about what kind of ambience and mood they are hoping to create. For instance, those wanting the day to be full of motivational speeches and positivity, could consider booking a conference hall, whereas organisers who want a fun-filled, energetic experience could plan a team-building activity such as a group cookery class. Those arranging the event should be sure to book the venue far enough in advance in order to guarantee their first choice.

Get the word out
Making sure people are aware of the event is also a top priority and one that often tends to be forgotten. How this is to be done is completely in the organiser’s hands. From simply spreading the message weeks in advance and allowing it to travel word by mouth, to designing leaflets to raise awareness; there are many ways to manage this. Stirring excitement and positivity around the event in advance is also vital so that it is approached with the right attitude. Organisers need to make sure that by the time the event takes place, everyone is geared up and ready to go!

Book in advance
Many corporate event planners arrange for speakers or entertainers to be present. On these occasions, arranging everything in advance is a must as frequently speakers and entertainers are pre-booked several months ahead. Ensuring that the speaker or entertainer is perfect for the event should also be checked. The organiser should ask to be given the outlines of speeches or see snippets of chosen entertainment beforehand, to make sure everything is appropriate for and complements the theme of the event. Having a backup plan, in case speakers or entertainers drop out is also a good idea and will stop those last minute panics.

Consider the little details
After arranging the basic plans, there will still be lots of small, extra details to take into account, from considering what public transport will be used to thinking about whether food will be served. Planners should try not to leave all the fine details to the last minute and instead give themselves a good two weeks free in advance to arrange the minutiae. They may not seem too important but it’s the small things that will make all the difference.

These five basic but essential tips will help organisers to arrange a fabulous corporate event.  From booking the venue far in advance to thinking about whether food is to be served, these factors both big and small will make the difference between a so-so event and a truly memorable occasion! So, planners should get organising ASAP to ensure that their event is truly one of a kind!

An article for Edintrain by Maria Hubbard, checkout their website to organise an event in Edinburgh.

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