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While we would want stuff around the house to be done by experts, the fact of the matter is that we put off calling the plumber for as long as we can. We try out a lot of things first including tackling the problem ourselves or asking a DIY friend or family member to do it for us. But when should we throw in the towel and call the plumber? Here are a few of the plumbing situations which will force you to call a professional:

Low Water Pressure. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that this is a simple and straightforward problem. But there are a lot of reasons that can be attributed to low water pressure from obstructions to reduced water pressure from the supply source. Only a good plumber will be able to ascertain exactly what the cause of the low water pressure is and can therefore solve the problem.

No Hot Water. Nothing could be far more annoying than having to take a shower early in the morning without hot water. But when this happens, it’s better if you keep yourself from playing Mr. or Ms. Handyman. This problem means that the tank is leaking. If your heating system is electric, then the cause could be anything from a simple blown fuse to a tripped circuit breaker. If you have a gas heater, then it may be because your igniters or burners have become defective. Since you’ll be dealing with water and energy if you attempt to solve this problem then better not attempt to do this on your own.

Sewer Clogs. Drainage problems are never easy to solve and yet we continue to insist on fixing these problems ourselves. But when your band-aid solutions no longer cut it, then you may need to consider the fact that the problem lies at the main sewer. While you can always still fix the problem yourself and rent out a sewer sodding machine, it’s better if you call the plumber since such a sodding machine has a reputation for easily getting broken.

Frozen Pipes. You may actually solve the problem of frozen pipes yourself by turning off the shutoff valve and consequently opening a nearby faucet. Look to see if your pipes are still fine or if they have already burst or cracked. If things are what you fear, then it’s better to call a plumber to have the pipe replaced. If the pipe is still fine, then you may use a hairdryer to thaw the frozen water inside. Or you may save yourself the trouble and call the plumber just the same and have him simply replace the pipe rather than thaw it.

Jeannie Conner works at Filan & Conner Plumbing and loves to write about tips about bathroom repair needs.