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For family adventures, couples’ getaways, or group holidays, nothing beats hiring a campervan to get you around. Like the Harley-Davidson or the convertible sports car, these iconic vehicles have come to be symbolic of the freedom of the open road.

Often festooned with solar panels or surf boards on the roof, or hooked up with a little trailer for additional storage, they offer convenience and cool in one package. They come in many models and funky designs, but there’s a lot more to travelling in camper vans than just looking stylish as you motor along.

The only way to travel

Flexibility – 

The campervan gives you ultimate flexibility to stop whenever you want, wherever you want, for however long you want. You don’t have to worry about getting back to your hotel for dinner, or need to go along with the itinerary of your coach tour. You’re masters of your own destiny.

Economy –

Campervans save you the cost of hiring a vehicle and renting accommodation as well, because you’re carrying your bed around with you wherever you go. You can sometimes cook in the van too, so your food budget should be low since you can avoid expensive restaurants, and the newer models get great mileage.


Most hire companies keep their vehicles in good repair, and if ever you do have a problem, maintenance and roadside assistance will usually be fully-covered in the price. Do check the contract though in case there are any things not included.

Creature Comforts –

Standard features of many campervans include stoves, fridges, portable showers, entertainment systems, cutlery, and bedding – everything you need basically for the perfect self-contained holiday. You can also hire car seats for the kids, and tents too if you want a few nights out of the van from time to time.

Variety – 

Campervans come in all shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirements. Some of them can even sleep up to 6 people. But if you’re going down that route then it’s best if you draw up an agreement beforehand that everyone swears off baked beans for the duration of the trip.

Bonding – 

With everyone crammed together in close proximity, campervans are great for bonding with family and friends. One downside though is if you argue, for example over who’s been eating the beans, then there’s not much room to escape somewhere and cool down.

One-way Trips – 

If the company you’re hiring from is quite large then it’s possible they may have more than one office. In that case, it’s likely they will let you take the van for only a one-way trip meaning you needn’t retrace your footsteps if your plans don’t allow for a circular route. This usually costs more though as someone needs to take the van back to the start point.

The Great Outdoors – 

Campervans are the ideal transport for adventure holidays. You can get up close to nature by driving your van into national parks, or through forests, but know you always have a safe harbour if the weather starts to turn.

Keep the Kids Amused – 

Travelling with children can sometimes be difficult – they like to have their freedom and often can feel confined on public transport. With a campervan though, you can stop off whenever you need so they can let off some steam. Plus of course, you have the space to carry around loads of books, toys, games and bicycles with you.

See Less of your Suitcase –

One of the worst parts of going on a big roadtrip is the constant cycle of unpacking and packing when you move from hotel to hotel. Problem solved when you hire a campervan – some even have built-in wardrobes and drawers so you can stow everything away – even ironing boards are not beyond the realm of possibility!