Top 10 Essentials For Any Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the focal point of the house. It’s where everyone gathers to chat, drink tea or just pass the time of day. Too often kitchen comfort is overlooked but by taking a little time this gathering place can also become efficient and welcoming.

Make a Comfortable Kitchen
Incorporate soft seating if possible. Even if it’s just a comfortable chair in the corner where you can sit and browse recipes or wait for the timer to go off, having somewhere cosy to sit makes the kitchen feel more integral to the house. If there’s space, a sofa would make a lovely and unusual addition that would turn the kitchen from a utility room into a further extension of the house.

Expand on the comfort and function of the kitchen by including music players and a TV. You’ll have entertainment whilst cooking or performing less enjoyable chores and it’ll also encourage the rest of the family to spend time in the kitchen.

Include stainless steel for a timeless, classical look. Not only does it improve with age and never go out of style, its light-reflecting properties help to make the room seem larger and more spacious.

Let in the Light
Nothing beats natural light, so allow as much into the kitchen as possible. If windows are small, consider not having tall cabinets right next to them and choose blinds rather than curtains that block out some of the light. Use mirrors on the walls to reflect light back into the room or have glass-fronted cabinets which have a similar effect.

If you have a large kitchen, get an island installed if you have the space and the budget. It’s not only convenient for storage and working area, it also provides a central hub where everyone gathers and gives the kitchen a focal point.

Mix up the textures in the kitchen by choosing complementary finishes for the flooring and work surfaces. Choose warm tones to enhance the atmosphere of the room and make it more pleasant to work in.

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Have built-in appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves or ovens. When the room isn’t broken up by mismatched appliances it make small areas seem larger and large areas feel more connected and comfortable.

Keep up to date with technology by installing high-performance hob burners and convection ovens. Not only do they give the kitchen a modern appearance, but they also save money by operating more efficiently than older models.

Make the Most of Space
If you can’t, or don’t want to, install an island in the kitchen, choose something else to create a dramatic focal point, such as a cooker hood, a beautiful sink or a pot rack. You’re aiming for something to draw the eye and set the tone of the kitchen decor.

Make the most of existing cabinets by fitting wire trays or baskets or installing a carousel into awkward, underused corner areas. Drawer dividers can help keep small tools and utensils organised so you’re able to work more efficiently, as well as providing space for items that you don’t want on show all the time.

The kitchen can be one of the most versatile and attractive rooms in the house and it’s a pity not to make the most of it.

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