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Laws are always proposed to serve purposes that are of greater good given that any legal system in any country is an exalted institution. However, in the recent past, such legal systems have put in place strange, archaic or unclear laws that you may not be aware of their existence. Laws regulate the way people interact while protecting them from harm but when crazy ones are thrown into the equation, majority of people find themselves in trouble for breaking them unknowingly. Legislators are capable of ridiculous legislations, for instance, here is a list of top 10 laws you wouldn’t believe exist.
Top 10 Laws You Wouldn't Believe Exist

1. Prostitution is Legal in Sweden but it is Considered illegal to Buy Services from a Prostitute

This is the craziest law in Sweden because a prostitute cannot be arrested for selling you her services but instead you will be deemed to have broken the law if you are found buying her services. This law might not be clear enough but some countries like Norway and Iceland have also adopted it.

2. In Tennessee, Carrying a Loaded Gun to a Bar is Legal

Actually, it’s more suitable to refer to this law as a stupid law but there exists a thin of separation between ridiculous and stupid. So, anyone found carrying a loaded gun into a bar will not have broken any law.

3. In Denmark, Breaking out of a Prison is Legal

This must be one of the funniest laws you never knew existed. However, if caught escaping, the fugitive must suffice the remaining period of his/her sentence but honestly is there any difference?

4. In Samoa, Forgetting your Wife’s Birthday is Punishable by Law

Unlike in most countries whereby the only punishment you get for forgetting your wife’s birthday is a night on the couch, things are completely different in Samoa because you get to spend a night in a jail cell.

5. You can be Arrested for Singing Loudly after Sunset in Honolulu, Hawaii

It is indeed very clear that the legislators in Hawaii probably came up with this law for good reasons. Unless you are a former contestant of American idol or a famous artiste then your loud singing after sunset will go unpunished.

6. The Law does not Permit Anyone to die in the House of Parliament, United Kingdom

The big question is, how do you choose where to be when you’re on the brink of death? Nevertheless, you will be breaking the law if you die in the house of parliament, and how they punish for this crime is entirely another issue.

7. In Singapore, anyone Guilty of Littering 3 times should Clean the Streets while Wearing a Tag that Reads that he/she is a Litterer

This law is intended to publicly humiliate anyone guilty of littering. It has proven to be more effective considering the fact that Singapore is the cleanest country in Asia.

8. Calling your Pig Napoleon in is forbidden by law in France

Napoleon is the name of the great French emperor and it would be so derogative to use it as your pig’s name.

9. In Australia, Only Licensed Electricians are allowed to Change your Light-bulb

Majority of people disregard this law because it has a fine of only $20. However, it makes no sense because the fine is much cheaper than hiring a licensed electrician.

10. In Florida, Breaking Wind in a Public Place on a Thursday after 6 pm is illegal

You can be arrested on the spot for passing the wind past the mentioned time because it is considered as a public nuisance.

y Michelle Australian blogger, law student and human right activist. She often seeks advice from David Marocchi from Paramount Lawyers. Michelle lives in Sydney.