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Create Memorable Photos With Engagement Photography

Capturing the love between a bride and groom prior to their wedding day is a wonderful prelude to the wedding photos that will follow on the big day. Engagement photos are fun because you really can do so much with the wardrobe, setting, and events. Your engagement photographer will have many ideas for these pictures, but you can also get your own ideas to pick the style that you want. Online galleries of an engagement photography studio like Quaurm Photography will have a variety of photos to get ideas from that you can communicate to your engagement photographer.

3 Engagement Photography Ideas

  1. Use a Simple Prop – Using a simple, yet stand-out prop in a photo can really make the photo stand out. For example, use a brightly coloured balloon or bright coloured flower between the couple to create a unique yet simple photo. For those who are particularly awkward in front of a camera, giving them something to hold onto can take away their worries about what to do with their hands. Whether you are driving a yellow vintage car or holding onto a large pink present, having something to do with your hands and adding a touch of bright colour can really make the photo pop.
  2. Use Night Shots – Although these types of shots require a bit of skill and know-how, taking some shots in the evening or at night can really create a romantic mood. Having a couple lounge together on a patio with the moonlight behind them really adds a classic touch to an engagement photo, and will create a lovely picture that will stand the test of time. Online galleries of engagement photography galleries will have a vast array of wonderful engagement and wedding photos to ignite some imagination for you.
  3. Fun shots – Show the world how much fun you two have together, and how playful you can be. Get creative, and make sure the photos depict laughter and joy. For example, have a water fight, or wrestle around in the grass. Any sort of child-like playfulness will really create a joyful picture that will be perfect for any engagement photo.

Make Those Special Moments Last a Lifetime

When you have your engagement photos taken at a engagement photography studio or any other setting, you’ll want these photos to depict how in love you and your soon-to-be-spouse are. Be creative and unique – you don’t have to take traditional types of shots. Go for the ones that truly capture who you really are as a couple in love.

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