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Top 3 Things A New Pilot Needs – Get Flying

The sky’s the limit when you get your first pilot’s license. The Private Pilot license is the main hurdle to becoming a competent and capable aviator and it opens the door to further ratings, certificates and commercial licensing. When you get your Private Pilot’s license, you are suddenly in a whole new group of elite people that get to shop for cool aviation supplies.

Shops specializing in pilot supplies are all aviation all of the time. Holding your first pilot license puts you in the driver’s seat to shop til you drop with hundreds of aviation books, novelties, clothing, and valuable aviation equipment at your fingertips. Some of the most sought after pilot supplies will either assist you in the left-side captain’s seat or simply stroke your ego that you are now part of the official aviation community.

1. Pilot Novelties
The line of products and merchandising geared for pilots gets bigger and better every year. Test your skills with clever pilot puzzles, decorate your home or office with eye-catching aviation poster art, and find your favorite pilot t-shirt to express your high-flying self. Pilot novelties are often crafted of the finest materials, are built to last, and are a lot of fun to buy when you know you are a card carrying member of the aviation industry.

2. Knowledge Is Power
Yes, knowledge is power and that power begins with upgrading your aviation education. Pilot supplies contain hundreds of interesting books and magazines to keep your skills sharp and expand your mind in the aviation industry. Once you have earned your Private License, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the Instrument Rating. The smart and savvy pilot knows to study-up and get a good head start before enrolling in the instrument classes, CFI or Commercial Pilot courses. If you are headed in the direction to become jet rated and obtain the ATP, check your pilot supply shop for commercial industry magazines to get a heads-up on what’s coming your way.

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3. Charts and Navigational Devices
You may be on your own, but you’re never alone when you fly the friendly skies. New pilots like to build a library of traditional charts, navigational devices or have it all with a laptop’s electronic navigational chart that supplies the necessary data from electronic terminal approach charts to en-route moving map displays. Airport information directories are also helpful to get familiar with FBO offices and airport amenities you will need once you have landed.

Noah just recently became a licensed pilot and loves to blog about it. For more information about pilot supplies please visit pilotmall.com

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  • Thanks for sharing this! Indeed, basic knowledge, good skills, and quality pilot supplies are important for pilots to have to ensure a safe flight.

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