Top 3 Ways To Expand Your Facebook Fanpage’s Reach

Top 3 Ways To Expand Your Facebook Fanpage’s Reach

You will probably have come across tons of articles about the ways to increase your fans on Facebook. While there are many ways out there, there are not many users of this social networking site who have become successful in expanding their social reach through fan page.

You may be one of those many people who are in need of finding ways to expand their Facebook fan page’s reach. In essence, you have to promote yourself in the first place by posting a nice and clean profile with some good photos of yours. Start making friends with people you know first, and then widen your search to reach others, such as friends or fans of your friends. Interestingly, a lot or most of your visitors are from elsewhere within Facebook, other than your fans if you have been a Facebook user for some time now.

Below are the top 3 methods you should use to increase your Facebook fan page’s reach:

1. You should always make sure that your profile is updated because it may describe a lot about you, your tastes, personality, etc. Make sure that you update your profile on regular basis, show your consistency in maintaining your online social life activity. Always write a status update so that your fans can get to know what is your latest online social life is like. Also your content gets ranked higher in search engines when your profile status is updated regularly.

2. Post at least once a day. Write quality content, which is interesting, informative, and attractive so that your readers will enjoy them. Write quite often, and get your audience to post valuable content at least several times a day. Keep them getting back to your page by writing nice and helpful posts to their posts or comments. Do not promote your business by annoying your audience; rather, focus on contents and interaction with your fans, friends of your fans, and visitors in general on your Facebook page.

You should allocate 90% space, content, etc. on your profile page for value, which is engaging your visitors to your profile, content, shared files, etc. Keep all your ads non-invasive so that your fans or audience do not get annoyed. The rest 10% is for doing promotion for your business.

3. You must have noticed social icons on many websites, personal or commercial websites, and blogs. There are reasons for adding those icons on those websites and one of the reasons is to get visitors to their social network web pages. So integrate your social network sites’ icons to your nonsocial activities on the web. Write some helpful and useful articles, post some interesting videos, etc. to attract people to your page. So encourage them to visit your fan page your signature.

Write about something interesting and relate that to your Facebook signature. Give your readers or visitors something to write about or share on your fan page.

It requires sincere efforts, diligence, SEG keyword knowledge and above all patience to get more Facebook fan page’s reach, up to a desirable level if you follow the top 3 ways mentioned above. Let the world know that you exist by posting a status update about your home or profile page.

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