Top 5 Baby Names From The World Of Pop

Nowadays it seems that pop stars seem to call their babies the most individualistic and out there names as possible. The more extravagant the parents, the more outrageous the name, whether the naming of their child is their solution to keeping their fame running when they are no longer able to do so, it seems that if we put these babies in a room together there would be some spectacular name calling and giggles over what each other was called, or in fact, named after. What happened to the days when Elvis Presley named his children Lisa, and Johnny Cash called his children names such as Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy and Tara. Naming babies in the world of pop has gone extreme, whether you feel inspired by some of the creations that we will be discussing here is entirely up to personal taste and preference.

1) To begin our search for the top five baby names from the world of pop we have to explore the early beginnings of perhaps one of the most powerful babies in the pop world at the moment, Blue Ivy Carter. With the one and only Beyonce and Jay Z as her parents, this baby was famous even before she was born. People longed for an official photo of the pop princess, and fake images even came out and leaked online. Therefore, we predict that the name Blue Ivy will not only bring beauty, but a whole lot of fame as well. However, the name Blue has been used before, not to over look matters, with U2’s The Edge naming his third daughter this colourful name.

2) Our second favourite name from the world of pop is of course Apple, another baby from a very powerful couple. Daughter of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, a tasty name for what is bound to be a tasty life. What inspired this name, we do not know, but if you ever find you love a food enough to call your baby after it, please let us know. Unless your favourite food is bacon, and then, maybe keep the idea to yourself.

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3) Zuma Nesta Rock, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. This name intrigues us a lot, it is definitely a rock star name, but whether we will be using it for our own flesh and blood is another thing. Although we can predict he will be leading an awesome band in the future, no doubt about it. Excuse the pun.

4) This next one is certainly something special, what do you call the offspring of Jackson royalty? Jermajesty of course, son of Jermaine Jackson. We’re not sure if this option would be popular in your local primary school and you might get a few looks from parents when you explain that your child is named after a royal version of yourself. Lets just hope he grows up to like it.

5) Unfortunately there is only room for one more spectacular baby name from the world of pop, although we could certainly go on with the weird and wonderful, the next appreciation goes to Geri Halliwell for calling her daughter Bluebell Madonna, most probably after her love for the flower and musical icon. Although pretty and not the worst that we have described here, we are not sure if we will be calling our children simply after our favourite things. Maybe after our favourite Uncle or Aunty, but only if we like the name.

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This article by Rhian from www.babynames.co.uk discovers the world of pop and the baby names that exist there. What is your favourite, and what are you top 5 pop baby names?

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