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One of the recent landmarks of developments in technology is the LED light bulbs that offer you many benefits compared to traditional lighting solutions. They are now predominately replacing lights in industrial and commercial properties due to their many advantages. With protection of environment now becoming one of the foremost causes, LED lights have easily surpassed conventional lighting systems like the CFL and incandescent light bulbs.

LED lights offer you plethora of benefits. These advantages range from being cost effective to offering you efficiency in energy which is why they are being largely preferred nowadays. Gathered here in this course of writing is the full overview of five best benefits that you can avail from using LED light bulbs. But before we begin it important to understand the science behind LED lights bulbs.

Top 5 Benefit Of Using Led Light Bulbs

What is LED Lighting?

LED is an abbreviation that stands for light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor diode that gives out a single wavelength of light when it receives electric current. Led lighting has found its way into many applications and the technology is now being introduced in organic LEDs which is fundamental to provide astronauts with lights. LEDs are mostly made from arsenide, gallium and aluminum.  Other than these impurities are added that help to create electrons that encourage the semiconductor material to easily create electricity.

Now that you understand what makes the LED light bulb so incredibly awesome it is important that you are made aware of the five foremost benefits that they offer you.

They are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the main proponent why LED lighting is becoming common every day. The cost of electricity has increased considerably over the past many years. For households and local governments electric bills are of chief concern.  According to one estimate the 40% of electric costs that a city incurs comes from its street lighting only. Imagine if they start using LED light bulbs for street lights only and the effect it will have on the costs. LED light bulbs give out very low levels of heat. This allows them to save considerable energy as in traditional light bulbs like incandescent lights much of the energy is lost in heat.

Life of LED Light Bulb

Compared to your average light bulb, a LED light bulb has a larger life. According to one research a LED light bulb is expected to last 50-100 times more than a CFL or an incandescent light bulb. Compared to fluorescent bulbs they can easily last ten times more.  This means that you will be able to save not only on electric bills but also on the effort to replace your light bulbs. Not to forget the materials that you will be saving since one LED light bulb is equivalent to 25-30 traditional lights.


LED bulbs are incredibly durable. They are able to resist the effects of cold and heat easily, compared to run of the mill lighting solutions like CFL or incandescent lights. Since they have no filament or a tube, they are able to keep the effects of heat and cold at bay.

They are Greener

Forget that they are durable or that they offer you better efficiency in energy costs, it is compelling to know that LED light bulbs are greener and even better for the environment than your average light bulb. They don’t have the toxic mercury found in the CFL which is not only dangerous for the environment but also harmful to your health.

LED bulbs are totally recyclable which means you can control your carbon footprint easily by using LED light bulbs. The durability and long life of LED light bulb offers you the chance to save production costs and materials needed to create them easily since one LED light bulb is equivalent to 25 incandescent light bulbs.

Marvelous Battery Life

LED light bulbs are able to offer you large battery life considering the fact that they don’t take much electric power to give light. Connecting them to a battery power source will enable you to get fifteen times more battery life compared to that of traditional light bulbs.  If you are going for camping or your region faces extreme black outs, then LED light bulbs are a good option to use with battery.

Author Bio:

David Jones is a freelancer who has his own hardware shop. Years of working and managing his own shop have given him insight about different technologies used by us every day. He writes about LED bulbs in this article and explains their merits.