Top 5 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Top 5 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas
Remodeling a kitchen is more of a two-week struggle than a weekend project. It takes dedication, planning and often a good chunk of money – all of which aren’t readily available, especially when you factor in hectic schedules and days off from work.

So what’s the best way to remodel your kitchen? Do it gradually, weekend-by-weekend, and start with simpler projects. If you’re looking for some straightforward and easy remodeling ideas for yours, start your Saturday morning off with one of these suggestions.

1. Add a new coat of paint and a touch of trim. Sometimes all a room needs is a fresh paint scheme. You don’t need to deviate much from your current color to get a brand new effect, either. But one essential addition should be some trimming. Whether you choose to place this around doorways, windows or shelves, it lends an essential elegance to any room and helps your colors pop. And never rule out an engaging piece of wallpaper!

2. Shake up the cabinetry. No one said cabinetry has to be framed, wood or even feature doors. Open cabinets have a variety of advantages, one of which is putting your tableware attractively on display. This printer’s box look has a great antique-yet-modern feel and fits a variety of kitchen décors. Glass-fronted cabinet doors are a nice touch, especially over an island or bar, as they spread light and look great.

3. Double or widen your sinks. Don’t just replace the faucet or sink itself – give yourself the extra space you’ve always wanted in there. Sinks can get cramped easily, which means they’re more likely to get messy with discarded food and even clog. If you’re switching to stainless steel, expand the sink itself while you’re at it.

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4. Mix up the backsplash. The backsplash is an essential and little noticed part of every kitchen. While not the immediate focal point, it’s highly visible and has a subtle effect on the room’s style. Replacing your backsplash is an opportunity for creativity since it doesn’t need to match your walls –  it just needs to complement them. Consider tiling in any material from glass to porcelain or marble.

5. Upgrade your appliances. A new kitchen needs new appliances, particularly eco-friendly ones. Ditch your old dishwasher and go for a green model. These energy-efficient machines purr through their cycles and will end up saving you quite a lot on the electric bill. They’re not the only appliances ready for an environmentally friendly upgrade. The government’s Energy Star program certifies a variety of household products for their high efficiency energy ratio – from refrigerators to water coolers, televisions and fans. Going green might be the best kitchen remodeling decision you make.

These easy kitchen remodeling tips are courtesy of the home experts at Gerhard’s Appliances. Our staff is trained to give you the best design and appliance advice available.

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