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Fad diets ensure a speedy way to lose weight and the best thing is that you do not have to involve lots of efforts on your part towards ensuring a coveted body. Here, you ensure mind-blowing result without making much effort.  The journey towards ensuring a leaner and fitter body begins as you are bound by food choices where you are subjected towards having a specific type of food in your quest of speedily reducing body weight.

Following are the top 5 Food Fad Diets

Cabbage Soup Diet

This is the diet which involves cabbage soup. It is prepared with special mixture of fruits, proteins and vegetables. The diet work wonders towards reducing your calorie intake along with increasing the fiber intake. Thus, it gives the way for decreasing your appetite. Here is a word of caution, that you should only use the diet if you are looking towards making an appropriate platform for starting your weight loss program.


Grapefruit Diet

Here you are presented with the grapefruit with every meal. Since, fruits normally helps in making us full for a long time. Hence, it minimizes our need to have more food. Thus we move towards the path of weight loss. The basic aim of involving grapefruit with foods is to enhance the possibility of fat burning.

Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon Detox Diet offers a ten day course where it promises to flush undesirable constituents in the body. Hence, the body cleanses itself in a highly professionalized way. There is a formula which the Diet prepares in the form of water, maple along with cayenne pepper. The main aim is to rid the excessive body weight as well as fats by equally purifying it to the core.

The Acid and Alkaline Diet

This is the diet which helps in checking the acids in the body owing to the fact that as the body has excessive acid, it invites various diseases and problems. Therefore, the diet proves to be the best way of reducing the effect by making the body get rid of any sort of such unwanted and harmful constituents which can potentially prove to be a threat for the body.  The Alkaline Diet minimizes the effect of harmful acids by making it safe and sound. Alkalized foods are in the form of green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, avocados and bananas.


Finally, after knowing the Top 5 food fad diets, you are surely going to register much needed pleasant change in your body. A healthy life is worth being enjoyed to the core and you can make that way provided that you are motivated to do the same. It is important to note here that only some of the fad diets are successful. So, prior to beginning with any fad diet, you have to consult the doctor in order to be 100% sure that the step which you are going to take will eventually turn out to be a fruitful one as well. Isn’t it?