Top 5 Gadgets for Bathrooms

Top 5 Gadgets for Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms, unlike regular bathrooms, come with more amenities these days than just simple his and hers mirror sets. Aside from stylish furnishing and woodwork, bathrooms nowadays are being loaded with cool gadgets, because while some people cannot seem to get away from it fast enough, others like to take their time and relax. Five of the most wanted bathroom gadgets are listed here.

Bathroom LCD TV

Want to watch a movie while you bathe? Here’s an idea – Why don’t you install a LCD TV in your bathroom. These are not your average LCD TVs; they are sleek and classy, not to mention waterproof bathroom HDTVs that will not allow you to get bored during showers. They can be installed anywhere in your bathrooms – near your powerful electric shower or along the hot tubs – without the fear of moisture causing any harm.

Whirlpool Baths

If you are one of those people who love baths, then you should definitely go for whirlpool baths. Unlike regular baths, they circulate the water within the bath. There are purposefully-positioned water jets that push out water drawn through a chrome filter. These water jets cause a highly desirable massaging effect which helps ease muscle tension and works as a wonderful stress reliever. Whirlpool baths are also produced in various sizes, designs and some extra added features you can pick from.

Cybertecture Mirror

As if the internet isn’t ubiquitous enough, behold the latest technology called the Cybertecture Mirror. If you hadn’t figured out yet, this isn’t your average mirror – it is fog-resistant, with inbuilt speakers, WiFi connectivity. It also offers access to instant messaging, calendar and various other apps. You can personalize it; use it for alarms, reminders and what not.

Electric and Thermostatic Showers

Do you ever spend too much time day-dreaming in the shower that you run out of hot water? Installing an electric shower in your bathroom would ensure that you are not doused with cold water no matter how long your shower takes. If you have a problem of hot water shortage then these showers are your ideal solution as they do not deplete your precious hot water reserves. Powerful electric showers are such a convenience that many claim, it’s a must-have. Many electric showers are thermostatic, which means that they are stimulated by variations in temperature and automatically reset the temperature accordingly.

Smart Tap

If you are sick of trying to get the water temperature to your liking all the time, then Smart Tap is just the way to go. It has a unique face-recognition system that identifies you and accordingly adjusts the water temperature, just like you want it. You can install the Smart Tap into your bath and using its touch screen, access your email or check out the weather.

There are of course a multitude of other bathroom gadgets out there that would prove to be excellent additions to your bathrooms. Things like full-body in-shower dryers and dual showerheads are luxuries that make your ordinary bath experience extraordinary.

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