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Since the man was no more than a primate, the first instinct was to explore his surroundings. The sheer knack of exploration has always pushed the man to expand his surroundings, but no exploration is complete with its own set of gadgets. One of the earliest gadgets that allowed the modern man to explore his surroundings and expand his territory to the modern world is the compass, but what are the best modern gadgets for exploring? To answer this question we have come up with the top 5 gadgets to explore the world.




The global positioning system or GPS as it is popularly known is the most important gadget to explore the modern world. What makes GPS so handy is the fact that no matter where you are, through satellite you always know where your exact location. No street, road, corner is hidden from the GPS and the best part is that unlike the PlayStation customer service, the GPS service has the best universal customer service simply because the GPS has uninterrupted satellite service all over the world.

Net Book

The net book is the smaller version of the laptop, but unlike the laptop it is lighter and it can be carried anywhere. You can just dump the net book in your backpack and you are ready to travel the world. With its simplistic features and the with the ability to stay connected to the internet where ever you are in the world, the net book has been every explorers gadget of choice.

Digital Camera

Ever since exploring the world began travellers always wanted to share their experience of the place visited and with the invention of the digital camera that became more than reality. The digital camera has been a handy gadget to keep while exploring the world, with the ability of documenting every memory to the finest detail the digital camera also doubles up as a camcorder so it’s not only pictures of your journeys that you can share but you can also take videos of that awe inspiring trip.

Hand Held Video Game

The hand held video game doesn’t really count as a gadget helpful for exploring the world, but the most common factor while travelling is waiting. Many people don’t under the need for it, but from the airport to the bus station there is a wait for almost everything and anything which makes the handheld video game a good companion gadget to keep.

Smart Phone

Believe it or not but the Smartphone has become a must have for every explorer. With its huge array of inbuilt features and apps (software), the smart phone has a solution for anything and everything. All you need for a smart phone is a SIM card and voilà you are done. The best fact about the smart phone is that it does not cost as much, unlike playstation customer care, smart phone customer care can be found anywhere and the apps give you services which would cost a lot and add additional weight to your baggage like a laptop.