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Top 5 Gift Ideas For Pre-Teen Girls

A Headache

Buying gifts for a child at any time can be a bit of a nightmare. It isn’t intentional, but children tend to be fickle creatures and will like something one minute, and something else the next.

While predicting what is currently the “flavour of the month” in your child’s mind is one obstacle, actually finding something that you want to buy is another challenge that adults will often be faced with. The market for gifts for girls at the awkward pre-teen 9-12 years old stage can range from the poorly thought out to the non-existent.

Stuck in a time-warp where a lot of things can seem either too young or too old to give as a gift, often we fall into the lazy trap and buy a gift voucher or simple purchases such as pyjamas.

We looked at five of the best gift purchases you can make for girls at this age, and brush all the awkwardness aside.

Collectible Dolls

There are two ways you can go with this idea. You can either buy then a great looking doll to play will (although they’ve probably gone past this stage, otherwise you’d just buy a Barbie doll), or something that will be seen as more of a keepsake and be looked after.

Porcelain and other collectible dolls are frequently used as decorative items in a girls’ room, and over the years has the potential to become a much loved and cherished possession.

Something to Read

Our love and desire for reading is something that disappears gradually was we get older – in most cases anyway. Stop that happening in your child or young female relative by buying them an engaging book.

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Go for something historical, a novel with a link to what they are currently learning about at school, for example, rather than clichéd children’s books such as those containing vampires.

Dear Diary

Children all love to write down their feelings and hold them personal to themselves – a simple diary or keepsakes book is a great gift idea and will be treasured forever.

Doll Accessories

If you went for the doll option, or your child already has a porcelain doll, why not add depth to the gift by purchasing additional accessories or clothing for your child to dress and style the doll?

Styling Toys

Pre-teen girls quickly reach a stage where they want to experiment with make-up and different fashions. Naturally, parents can be wary of this, so why not introduce your child to this world through buying a style based toy? This could be anything from a model head to practice hairstyles to decoupages based around fashion.

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