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Christian ministry is about more than just preaching. It is about spreading the gospel. This can be in the form of a volunteer Sunday school teacher or greeter on Sunday morning, or it can be a paid working helping teach the youngest of His sheep during the week. The ministry is full of all kinds of jobs, including full-time and part-time positions. Following are 5 part-time ministry positions.

Social Media Manager
Many churches are jumping on the social media bandwagon, and the preacher cannot do it all. These days, the vast majority of the human race communicates through social media, and that does not exclude the Church family. When someone is looking for a Church to attend, they head to the internet first. When members want to know what is going on, they head to the web. While Facebook pages, Twitter, and other forms of social media can be used for simple announcements, they can be used for so much more as well. A well timed tweet or status update with an uplifting word from scripture can make all the difference in a congregation or a community. This is definitely worth paying someone to handle part-time.

Content Writer/ Blogger
This can be freelance, contract, or as an employee of the Church. Christian bloggers abound these days, and starting your own Christian blog can be a great way to further your ministry. However, Churches that have a website need someone to write content for that site. While for larger Churches managing the site as a whole is actually a full-time job, keeping relevant, useful and interesting content up is a great part-time gig. The work usually ranges from write ups about upcoming events to happenings in the Church or new members, and some even offer an opportunity for content writers to express their own thoughts and insights. The same holds true for blog posts on a Church’s blog.

Preschool Teacher
Many Churches are filling a need that is not often recognized in the form of Parent’s Day Out programs. They realize that children that stay home with their mothers need a quality preschool education, they just do not have to get it all day every day. The need for parents to have a short break to take care of errands without children under foot is filled by this service as well. Certified preschool teachers can work part-time and enjoy sharing their faith with little ones while at the same time preparing them for their impending academic careers.

Music Minister
Yes, this is often a full-time position, but it is easier to work this as a part-time job that most other minister positions. Music ministers may be able to get away with choir practice once a week, a planning day, and performances on Sunday’s.

Media Manager
Beyond social media, there is traditional media. Music and slide shows on Sunday mornings, recording the sermon, and other technical issue require someone with skill and dedication, but they are typically only needed a few days a week.

Youth Pastor
Youth pastors could probably work as much as they wanted, but while they should be available to students at all times, they do not necessarily have to work 40 hours a week. The catch is two-fold with a twist. You get to do lots of fun things, but you probably will have to work nights and weekends. Most youth events take place during these times. You also have to deal with parents, but many will be supportive, and if it furthers the ministry it is worth it.

While ministry itself is never part -time, there are plenty of options when it comes to part-time jobs in Christian ministry.

Peter Baker is a youth minister and guest author at, a site with reviews of top-rated online Bible colleges.