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Top 5 Personal Finance Apps For 2012

Managing your money in 2012 hasn’t been easier with the adaption of so many great phone apps on the market. With so many apps to choose from, it’s often hard to pick out one that best suits your personal life. To help you separate the good from the bad, here are five amazing apps that you consider for your phone:

#1 Mint
Mint is by far the most advanced personal finance app on the market today. With an easy to use interface, Mint gives you an inside look at your account balances, investment accounts and any loans you have on file. You can set up retirement goals, bill reminders and even calculate your net worth every single day. Since you have to link your bank accounts to this app, everything will be updated in real time.

#2 Doxo
Long gone are the days where you print out statements and set them in your filing cabinet. Since most of your bills come in the form of an e-statement, you’re probably finding your email folders filling up with random invoices. To make things a lot more organized, this is where Doxo comes in. Working as your virtual filing cabinet, Doxo will manage all of your online invoices by category and date. That way, when you need to retrieve any sort of information, you can find it all in one place on your phone.

#3 PageOnce
PageOnce allows you to track your bills and finances all in one place. Unlike Mint that was mentioned above, PageOnce will set up bill due dates, monitor your transactions and even help track credit card and frequent flier rewards. With just about every company known to man on this app, you can easily search for it and add it to your dashboard with ease. Able to add unlimited accounts, PageOnce is an awesome way to keep track and pay all of your monthly bills.

#4 WikiInvest
If you have any sort of brokerage account, WikiInvest is an app to heavily consider. With this app, you can automatically import your data from one of the many brokerage firms on the web. Once your data has been imported, WikiInvest will update you with financial news, tips and help you simplify your investments with their easy to read analytics package. Find out what your stocks are doing for the day or see what people are saying about the stocks you’re holding. If you want to take control of your investments and stay on top of things, this free app gets the job done.

#5 Expensify
For those who work with a company that requires them to monitor their spending, this is where Expensify can come in. With this app, you can either sync up your credit cards or manually input transactions each time you make them. Every time a transaction is made, it will organize and sort the expenses for you. When you’re ready to print your report, the PDF will compile all the necessary expenses in a nice and easy to read form.


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