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Top 5 Reasons To Buy Sole Fitness SB700 – Get Back Your Toned Look With Comfortable Workout

You do not have the time to hit the gym and lately you have gained a good amount of weight? Of course it is a matter of concern and you need to do something to make yourself fit once again. But when you do not have the time to visit the gym, then the only alternative is to take out some time for work out at home. Again stretching and doing some manual work outs can be really a lazy thing and hence one great option is to get an exercise bike.

If you are in no mood to compromise with your health, then getting the best product such as Sole Fitness SB700 will be the best possible thing. Along with this bike you can even see for Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike. It will help you to get that perfectly toned figure once again at home, by just sparing half an hour time from your busy schedule.

There are a number of reasons that will make you buy this exercise bike, among which one factor is its attractive looks. But along with the looks, there are a number of other reasons also for which you should go for this particular exercise bike.

Comfortable Workout Sessions

People mainly buy this product due to the comfort it provides. The seat of the exercise bike can be easily adjusted as per the height of the person. Not only for height, also can the seat be adjusted as per the person’s body weight and other factors. Along with the seat of the bike, the handlebars are equally flexible that can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Body of the Bike

The seat of the exercise bike is cushioned with thick pad so that it does not exert extra pressure on you. Also the handlebars are cushioned thickly so that you do not have to face problems like blisters and other injuries. The bike has steel tubing frame that keeps the whole bike stable even when you are working out vigorously.

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The exercise bike features a heavy flywheel of 48 pounds. This not only makes the bike tough and durable but also provides great resistance levels to the bike.

Framework of the Bike

The framework of the exercise bike is designed in such way that it can manage the hardest of shocks. It manages the most difficult resistance level and does not impact your sessions. The mechanical feature of the bike makes it a noiseless product so that you can enjoy your workout session in a soothing environment.


The exercise bike is also features with Kevlar stopping automation. This helps you to work out without much of a noise and to enjoy music or movie along with your working sessions. The LCD screen in front allows you to have a look at various details such as your heart rate, calories burnt, the distance covered and the time you have spend on the bike.

Customer Reviews about the Product

There are a number of positive customer reviews to prove that why Sole Fitness SB700 can be your best buy. As per the random reviews, customers have opted for this bike for:

  • Great features at affordable price.
  • Smooth workout sessions even with the most difficult resistant level.
  • Peaceful sessions while working out vigorously on the bike.

Though the exercise bike Sole Fitness SB700 is not as cheap as many other exercise bikes, but with the amount of comfort it provides, the cost can be always considered. If you are really very much serious about indoor biking and about your health management, then this is one of the best buy that you can ever have for which you will surely not regret in future.

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