Top 5 Weird & Wacky Pool Tables

Top 5 Weird & Wacky Pool Tables

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or the woods, or even a cave in the woods I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a pool table looks like. Basically a box on legs with a bit of felt on top, some pockets in the corner and some balls to fall into those pockets. Well let’s just say the tables in our list today don’t stick to rules like those! Because today we’re taking a look at 5 weird and wonderful takes on the classic pool table. Let’s get started…

5. The Disappearing Pool Table

If James Bond were to have a pool table we’re pretty sure this is the one he’d have. With a press of a button this table actually raises itself out of the floor ready to play! An awesome idea for anyone who is short on space in their living room – although you will need some space underneath – so perhaps not one for people who live in apartment. We think James Bond would probably also have pool cues that doubled up as guns or blow-darts, however you’ll have to source these yourselves…

4. The Round Pool Table

If there is one thing pool tables are known for – it’s having four corners – we’ll here’s one with no corners! Well it’s certainly sure to add a new angle to the game (apologies for the pun) and based on the video below it certainly looks fun to play, with some cool looking bank shots.

3. The Glass Pool Table

Here’s one for people who like their homes to look ultra cool and modern –a pool table that so modern it’s made of glass! Not only is the play surface completely see-through it even contains a ball return system, meaning when you pot a ball you get to see it rolling its way through the table – another reward for potting that pesky ball! Still it does mean you have to keep the area under the table clean – and we’d advise not having a carpet the same colour as any of the pool balls!

2. The Z-Shaped Pool Table

When we mentioned earlier most normal pool tables have 4 sides to them – well this crazy Z-shaped pool table has double that at 8! This is the table for you if you’re finding the normal game of pool has gotten a bit too easy for you – or if you need to add an element of crazy golf to your game of pool.

1. The Projector Pool Table

It really was about time that technology caught up with the humble pool table – in this case it’s not only caught up – it has leapt ahead! Using a combination of computer processing and a high definition projector mounted above this cool system makes the pool table actually respond to what is being played on it. You can have flames following the balls around, or a liquid surface that parts when the balls run around – check out the video below this has to be seen to be believed!

This bunch of crazy tables comes courtesy of Barry at Liberty Games the pool table specialists, who can help you with your more down to earth pool table!

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