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Top 7 Accessories For The 2012 NFL Season

The NFL is one of Americas greatest and most anticipated sporting events, the complete experience of which cannot be matched by any other sport. One of the greatest parts of the NFL is that you do not have to attend the games in order for you to enjoy the spectacle that it provides. As a fan you can play a part in the action everywhere and anywhere by sporting your team colours in a wide variety of ways. A brilliant way to do just this is by getting creative and have some fun by using accessories.

Here are this seasons top 7 must have accessories:

In seventh place – #1 Fan Pin

Fan pins are available in every teams colours and are by far the most traditional way to show how much of a fan you are.  Fan pins are attention grabbing and if your at the game may even get you on to the big screen!

In sixth place – The NFL Embossed Trifold Wallets

These wallets are a practical accessory and come complete with your teams name and logo embossed on the front of the wallet. This is a perfect way of showing your support for your favourite team every time you reach to pay for those essentials.

In fifth place – The NFL bottle suit koozie coozie cooler

This accessory is perfect for dad! The NFL bottle suit keeps your drink cold by using a neoprene “wetsuit” rubber. One of its best features is its easy pull zipper which allows the smooth changing of drinks so you never miss an important part of the game.

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In fourth place – NFL football hats

Hats, like the fan pin , are another classic way to display your support for your team. There are many different sorts of headwear to choose between, from the standard cap to the NFL 9FIFTY snap back style cap. No matter what style of hat you choose, team names and logos are always clearly displayed on the front .

In third place – Team logo pacifiers

The NFL is a family event so why not get some accessories for your babies and toddlers. Team logo pacifiers allow the kids to become more involved in the NFL experience, whilst at the same time keep them quiet whilst you try to concentrate on the game.

In second place – Team Jerseys

Jerseys are the ultimate way to show your commitment to the NFL and your team. This is because jerseys can be worn in a variety of different situations. You could just wear a jersey whilst watching the games to tap in to that feeling of belonging to your team or you could wear it whilst shopping. Whatever the situation jerseys are the ideal way to display the support you have for your team at any given time.

In first place – The Dog Jersey!

With pacifiers for the children and many accessories such as jerseys for the rest of the family the only person who has not been included is the dog! There is not a more fun and creative way to show your entire families support for your team, than getting the dog involved and purchasing a dog jersey. With a dog jersey you can make your dog the MVP (Most valuable pet!) with an officially licensed jersey complete with team name and logo. However if dressing the dog is way out of your comfort zone you could always settle for a dog collar which is much more subtle whilst still including all members of the family in the fantastic NFL experience.

This guest post was written by Endre Rex-Kiss, a fashion and sports afficionado, with a keen interest in social media and e-commerce. He is also guest blogger and freelance writer, this time representing www.mvpogs.com, an online retailer of dog collars and jerseys.

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