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Being a parent is a tough job. It requires a no-holiday, all day and every week, to years of experience to become a great parent. You do not become a great parent overnight. You have to go through a one of a kind experience by yourself. This is no scare tactic, but the ultimate truth when it comes to parenting. One tough issue when it comes to parenting is when your child reaches their teenage years. When your child reaches adolescence, it becomes a whole new dimension when it comes to parenting, the needs and wants of the child changes.

We all know that there is no basic formula when it comes to being a great parent. It comes with experience dealing with certain situations. When it comes to parenting your teenager, we have collected tips from numerous parents who experienced raising their teenage child. The following are tips you can apply:

1. Developing mutual trust

This is the most important aspect that you must cultivate in your teenage child. Most often or not, teenagers lie because they are afraid to be scolded upon. You should encourage the feeling that it is okay for them to tell you the truth and to listen to what thing matters to them. When you developed an open communication, you develop a trust between you and your teenager.

2. Prioritize rules

There is a need for you to impose rules. Rules are rules. You need to be consistent with it but allow also leeway for some exemptions. When you learn to prioritize rules, it will lead to getting your way and in let your teen stand a chance in compromising and negotiating with you.

3. Set a positive example

Action speaks louder than words. You are the best teacher to your teenage child; you need to set a good positive example for them to follow.

4. Show your love

It is important that parents show their love especially for their teenage child. This will lead to raising teenagers that are healthy mentally and it will also provide positive attention. You show your love and respect for them when you spend time together.

5. Embrace the technological era

Today, we are living in an era that is technological advanced. You need to allow yourself to embrace technology with your teen. You need to guide them in using it the right way and not the wrong way for their own safety.

6. Minimize pressure

You need to minimize pressure for teenagers so they do not to become too rebellious. You need to understand that they are growing and exploring new things for the first time. You need to let  them express themselves.

7. Set limitations

Setting limitations realistic enough will make the teenager determine what things are unacceptable and what is acceptable. When you set limits however, you need to be specific, avoid ultimatums, be concise, flexible and explain your decisions.

8. Enforcing consequences

This is a tough thing when dealing with your teenager. Unfortunately, you need to be strict on such because you are a parent and you have the responsibility for them even if they appear to not need you as much. You can enforce consequences by disapproval methods, actively ignoring, imposing restrictions, or additional responsibilities.

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