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Going abroad is always an adventure but some are always seeking a little bit more excitement, so this is for them:

Not the most fashionable of destinations but definitely a hidden gem among your standard adventure holidays. The wide plains of Mongolia are over six times the size the UK, but it has a population of only 2.8 million, and they are an adventurer’s paradise. A country still alive with ancient traditions a trip to Mongolia won’t be forgotten easily.

Whether it’s learning the ancient skills required to be a Mongol warrior or a horse ride across the endless central Asian steppes in the light of dawn; this is a trip you’ll never forget.

Everest Basecamp
I can imagine a few of you are scoffing at the idea that people without training or fancy equipment can trek to Mount Everest’s basecamp. But it is true! Numerous holidays are available which take people with only an average level of fitness to the last semi-permanent stop before ascending the highest mountain in the world.

From either the Nepalese basecamp (17,598ft) or the Chinese basecamp (16,900ft) you get spectacular views of one of the most sought after natural sights in the world. Hard work but well worth it.

The country of the Incas is a bit of favourite with those seeking adventure and with the mist covered peaks of the Andes combine with the endless trees of the Amazon rainforest it isn’t hard to see why.

Whatever you’re looking for in an adventure holiday can be found in this small South American country. Whether it is extreme sports like white water rafting and bungee jumping, or trekking through dense rainforest and up mountains.

You knew that safari would make an appearance on this list and I hate to disappoint. Although this is a bit of a no frills option of or those of you who are a little more adventurous. All those on this tour camp out in the one along the way (don’t worry you have a guide) to see the wonders of wild Africa at night.

Get up close and personal with lions, giraffes and elephants in the world’s biggest and best zoo. This is not a holiday for the faint hearted.

Something that is still on my travel to do list is heading to the frozen north where everything is white. Finland is definitely one of my preferred choices, not least because that’s where Lapland is, because of some of the opportunities for adventure.

How about husky sledges across freezing cold fields to set up camp at night with a fire whilst a passing reindeer herder regales the group with stories (ok I made that bit up)? Sounds awesome right? Well start packing.

Josh Hansen writes for No.1 Traveller who run luxury airport lounges at Heathrow, and Gatwick, airports.