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Here is our list of top 6 business apps for windows phone 7.

PC Monitor

PC Monitor (free) lets you tap into your PC remotely to keep tabs on up to three PCs at once. Once you’ve configured the PCs with the client, you can view the statuses, CPU usage and available memory, external IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, hard drive status, and network status right from your phone.

You can also view and kill services and running processes; browse files; and even configure notifications for whenever a computer goes offline, starts up and shuts down, or when a monitored service has stopped.

TimePunch Mobile

Whether you are self-employed or employ others, TimePunch Mobile (free) is the app that will help you stick to a schedule, track jobs, and manage multiple projects on your phone. You can also sync your projects with the Windows-based Time-Punch client to keep everything backed up and easily accessible. Features include support for Windows Phone 7’s Live Tiles, a built-in stopwatch utility, and graphical reports, such as pie charts and bar charts, which help you visualize your time commitments over the course of a given time span.

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft’s CRM (customer relationship management) software is an invaluable tool for keeping track of accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads and all communications among them. With Dynamics CRM (free) on your Windows Phone 7 device, CRM’s invaluable insight goes with you wherever you go.

This app displays your Dynamics CRM activity feeds, so you can view and keep track of any activities that occur between yourself and others. This app is designed for use on Windows Phone 7.5 devices and supports on-premises, partner-hosted, and online deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Yivosoft Recorder

Yivosoft Recorder ($1.99) is an audio recording app that lets you make short audio recordings for reminders, to do lists, and more. The intuitive interface lets you record a new message by tapping Record and listen by tapping Play. You can also access all of your messages by swiping to the Search menu. Press and hold your finger on a recording to edit the title, add comments, and more. With the Easy Sync Desktop software, you can sync your recordings to your PC over the Internet, Wi-Fi, or via a USB cable.

Thumba Photo Editor

These days, it’s not uncommon to leave your digital camera at home because your smartphone’s camera is just as good, but to take your smartphone images to the next level, try the Thumba Photo Editor (99 cents). This app lets you resize, crop, flip, rotate, add borders, fix red-eye, and warp your images in fun ways. Other settings include auto contrast, normalize, brightness, hue and saturation, color balance, remove noise, and many more.

The app also makes it easy to share your mobile masterpieces on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Connectivity Shortcuts

Battery life is everything for smartphone users, and we all know that wireless radios have a big impact on it. Connectivity Shortcuts is a handy little free app that lets you pin on/off switches for your various wireless radios right to your Start screen. There’s a button for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and Airplane Mode. When you launch the app, tapping any of the icons takes you to the corresponding settings page, but tap and hold your finger to add the shortcut to your Start screen, so you can dramatically improve the phone’s usage time.

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