Top Family Cars Of 2012

Top Family Cars Of 2012

Buying a car for a family is a totally different scenario from that of buying a car for individual use. There are different requirements, some obligations and above all, the need to accommodate a growing set of family members and extra passengers such as dogs, and a multitude of toys and playing accessories. There are a number of practical facts that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a car for the family, especially the larger ones.

7 seater cars
These are the largest and the roomiest cars among all the ones suitable for a family. As families keep growing, all cars seem to diminish in size, and it therefore becomes important to buy a car that can accommodate families of all shapes and sizes over the years. There are several cars which can be classified as 7 seater cars, among them the MUV’s, the SUV’s and the CUV’s. A growing family needs the space not just for the number of people but also for the accompanying paraphernalia such as strollers, shopping bags, school bags, footballs, among several other things. These seven passenger vehicles come with a third row of seats, which can be folded down when it is not needed or not intended for usage.

Estate Cars
These cars may no longer be the prime choice among car buyers with large families, yet it would be premature to speak of their extinction as such. Estate cars are roomy and stylish at the same time. They do have a lot of boot space, but they are also well designed and look fairly smart and pleasant to the eye. They are kind of the practical version of expensive and luxurious sedans. Whether it is a child’s car seat or a group of noisy active children, the estate car can take all this and much more. They are elegant and all the new models come with child safety protection features such as extra airbags, seatbelts for all seats and also good locking devices.

A hatchback is the younger brother of the estate car. They are large enough to take a small family comfortably, but they are also lighter to drive and offer better fuel efficiency. The boot can easily accommodate the family dog comfortably, and it is easy to open and store the odd stroller or golf bag. Hatchbacks have become very popular over the years, and almost every car manufacturer boasts of some smart hatchbacks within its product lines.

Saloons or Sedans
Grace and elegance are among the two prime characteristics of a saloon. They are light in weight, easy to drive and look smart. They are also very good cars for a small family, and are fairly economical as well on the fuel consumption front. They combine the advantages of efficiency, prestige and economy within them, and for decades they have been the most popular cars all over the world.

Known as the soccer moms vehicle of choice, these have replaced the minivans as the family car. They give a feeling of height and safety, and they are able to ride over most terrains quite easily due to their four or all wheel drives. Their biggest disadvantage is their size, since they require an equivalent amount of space in the garage and in the parking lot. Better quality antilock braking systems and traction control systems have made these Sports Utility Vehicles much safer than before. Many of them also have stadium seat, where the back seats are higher, thus giving the children and back seaters a better view of the road.

These give you most of the advantages of an SUV but are much smaller in size and are also much cheaper and far more fuel-efficient. Since their height is much lower than that of other vehicles and they are lighter in weight, they are very good for manoeuvring around cities. The focus is on space, both in the interiors and in the cargo space, and much less of providing design features!

In these days of environment concerns, the new crossovers, whether in the SUV form or as a sedan are becoming very relevant. They are not very wallet-friendly presently, but the prices are coming down and in the long run they save on fuel bills and also help to protect the environment.

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