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Top iPhone Beauty Apps

Health and beauty are big business, so it’s no surprise to see thousands of apps on the topic in the App Store. Actually, at this point there are thousands of apps for nearly anything you can think of. Unfortunately for the beautiful people no iDevices ship with a built-in mirror, but thankfully all devices now come with a front-facing camera and the glass screen can often capture your reflection if you’re desperate to see yourself. Apps for health and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to do a deep dive we suggest you start your journey in the Lifestyle category in the App Store.


HourFace: 3D Aging Photo

Ever wondered what you’ll look like when you grow old? This neat iPhone app might just show you how.

HourFace is simple to use. Take a portrait shot (or you can select one from your photo library) and the ageing process will begin in front of your eyes. To make sure you get the full effect ensure that you take a photo in bright, natural light with the subject’s head held straight, and with the forehead visible.

Once the ageing process has taken place you can reverse it by turning your iPhone upside down again. You can also swipe the screen side to side to turn the face.

When you’ve finished you can share your ‘old’ self via email, or save the 3D face back into your photo library.

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iStylist Makeover

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with what you look like, but didn’t have the time to sit at a hairdresser’s you should try iStylist.

Billed as a ‘fun and easy way to create makeovers right on your iPhone or iPod touch’ the app lets you pick an existing photo (or use the camera) and try hundreds of different hairstyles, glasses, hats, makeup and facial hair. iStylist is primarily designed for females but males can have fun with the app too. Like most apps. once you’ve got the perfect look you can upload the app to Facebook, or share it with the iStylist community who can rate your image.

iStylist also includes the latest celebrity styles. You can also extend the app further by buying extra style packs.


Author Bio: Guest Post by Kashif Raza. Haarklinikken Hair Restoration offers a range of products and treatments for hair loss including individually customized products and hair transplants.



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