Top Learn Psychic Readings Secrets

Top Learn Psychic Readings Secrets

First, we must learn where our psychic ability comes from. We are continuously absorbing universal energy from the universe. We call this energy “chi” or “prana.” This energy is filtered into our mind, body, spirit and energy field through a series of charkas or energy wheels.

There are seven basic charkas. The first is located at the base of our spine and is our life force or survival chakra. Second, between the naval and pubic bone is the sexual chakra and chakra of abundance. Third, near the abdomen is the emotional chakra. Fourth is the heart chakra. Fifth, near the throat is the communication chakra. Between the eye brows is the sixth chakra. That is where our third eye is located and is the seat of intuition. At the top of the head is the seventh chakra that is our connection to our higher power.

The three lower charkas deal with the physical body. The three higher charkas are where our psychic ability comes from. The heart chakra is the hinge between the three lower and the three higher charkas.

Once we know this we can begin to develop our psychic abilities. The energy we are using is non-physical. This understanding is the key to doing psychic readings. A psychic uses the energies in the three higher charkas.

It is important to note here the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant. A psychic has learned how to develop and use non-physical energies. A clairvoyant has a gift. The word clairvoyant means clear sight. A clairvoyant and “see” the past, present and future.

Working with non-physical energies requires a quiet mind, free of daily thoughts. Simply sitting quietly or meditating will do this. You must clear all the busy thoughts from your mind. That will do two things. First, it will lower your brain waves into the “alpha” state. The alpha brain wave frequency is slower than our normal brain activity. The alpha state lets go of our daily thoughts and lets our non-physical thoughts come in. Secondly, it opens our three upper charkas and lets the chi flow into our being. We open up the channel of intuition in our sixth chakra. We also draw energy from the universe through our seventh chakra.

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This non-physical energy is not structured. Often it is presented in symbols. We must learn to interpret what the symbols mean and translate them into everyday knowledge. Sometimes this happens in dreams, especially “lucid” dreams where we are active participants in the dream.

There are some simple exercises that we use to test our intuition. Take a deck of cards. In your quiet mode, intuit the color of each card, red or black. Keep you score. Don’t try and force this. Just do a few minutes at first. With practice, your score should increase. If you want to make the exercise more difficult, take out the kings, jacks, queens, aces and 10s. Now you have a 20% for each try. Once you intuit a card, put it back in the deck and reshuffle the deck. Often you may visualize a symbol, let’s say a flower. A flower is feminine and your card is probably a queen.

Once you feel comfortable with these exercises, you can start to work with people. Ask a partner to think of a family member or relative. Use the same technique and try and intuit who that person is. Each of these exercises requires much time and patience. Do not force yourself. If you are not successful at first, stop, and come back at a later time. There will come a time when you intuitively know that you are ready to do a psychic reading.

Now try to do some readings for your friends. Again, when the time comes, you will know when to do readings on other people

This process of psychic readings is also used to read and interpret the tarot cards. In a sense they are easier to do because they already are presented in symbols, with each symbol having special meanings.

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