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Promotional models are becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy for businesses to demonstrate their products in the public eye. By utilising promotional models companies can capture the attention of consumers at various events and possibly sell their products or services, depending on how effectively they have executed their marketing strategy. In many instances, demonstrating a product or service can be the best form of promotion for a particular brand, and there is no better way to market a product than to hire a promotional model to do it for you. Not only does it attract customers, but it also creates brand awareness for your business.

Why use promotional models?
The main objectives of launching a promotional strategy are to attract attention towards a particular product or service, to reach customers on a personal level and above all, to increase brand awareness. A properly executed promotional model strategy allows businesses to achieve the above mentioned objectives. To launch a successful promotional campaign a great deal of planning and organisation is required.

Examples of successful promotional models
Many companies utilise promotional models as a core element of their promotional strategy to increase sales and create brand awareness. However, the companies that successfully use promotional models to increase sales are the ones that place great emphasis on organising and executing their promotional strategy. Further, a successfully executed promotional strategy requires an influx of a large amount of money to be invested into the organisation process so that the strategy can be effectively executed. Here is a small list of companies that have effectively used promotional models:

Go Daddy
Go Daddy is known for its web hosting and domain name services. It has made almost $1.5 billion in sales and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The company has invested millions in organising and executing their promotional model strategy, and it has clearly been a worthwhile investment. Despite some of the negative perceptions associated with their promotional strategy, Go Daddy continues to develop their brand through the use of promotional models.

Bluehost is a successful web hosting company that has millions of worldwide customers and continues to develop its promotional strategy. The main website is home to a promotional model next to the services offered by Blue host. The success of the company indicates that their promotional model strategy has complemented their services and allowed them to attract more customers on a regular basis.  

iPage is another successful web hosting companies that is used to be over a million websites. The promotional model on their front page has no doubt assisted them in developing their brand and attracting customers.

A successful promotional strategy can certainly raise brand awareness, create interest and ultimately attract customers. Companies of all niches have successfully utilised promotional models to develop their brand and to draw attention towards their products or services. The most important thing to note is that the execution of a promotional strategy is vital, and the only way to successfully launch a promotional strategy is to invest both time and money into the organisation of it.

Article by Zuhair Siddiqui, written on behalf of StarmenUSA branding agency Los Angeles.