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You are ready to buy a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As you know by now, buying property is a big decision for most people. For first time home buyers, it is a major shift in their thinking. For those who have done it, it can mark a passage in their lives such as when their first child is due or when their last child leaves the nest. But, what are some things you need to keep in mind when buying a home in the Dallas area?

Before you even start looking for a home, you need to think about what style of home would fit best with your lifestyle and your budget. A good example of this is the age of your children, or your future plans on children. If you have children in their late teens, you may be facing an empty nest soon. Buying a huge five bedroom home may not make a great deal of sense. If you have a couple of young children or are planning on starting a new family in the next few years, then buying a one bedroom condo makes very little sense. The affordability of homes in the Dallas area means you can find something to fit both your budget and your lifestyle needs in one package.

Think about where you work and where you want to live. Do you work in the downtown or Uptown area of Dallas? If you do, you might consider a loft or condominium located in these areas. That would give you the ability to walk or bike to work most of the time. However, for those with children, you may want an affordable single family home. Be sure that your potential home is located close to commuting routes or public transit stops. This will give you the ability to get to work easily and to get back from work just as easily.

When looking at a home, consider how easy it would be to resell in the future. You may find a truly unique house that just fits your personality and lifestyle. However, does that house have appeal to other buyers? A good example of this is a starkly modern home with minimal furnishings, straight lines, concrete floors, and industrial fittings. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, most families are looking for a more traditional home with hardwood floors and curving lines. You will find future resale more difficult with the home that goes against what most people are looking for.

Is the neighborhood a good one every day, all day? Many people go to look at houses during the day or early evening hours. The children may be in school. All the neighbors may be at work. Before you put in an offer, visit the neighborhood during the night and over the weekend. You may find that one of the neighbors likes to party all night long over the entire weekend. That simple fact may never come to light unless you visit the area at different times. Another thing to look at is crime statistics. While some areas are notorious for crime, be sure your area is not having troubles.

Omni Chaparala works for DFW Realties, a DFW real estate company serving home buyers and sellers in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.