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Want to get the best of Miami’s hotels and resorts? The coastal town is reputed for its beaches and entertainment facility and although almost every of its resorts are impressive, there are those which rank highest. One thing you have to note is that people go to Miami for water oriented recreation activities. With this in mind, it is easier to understand why accessibility to a beach or a quality swimming pool is used as a major determining factor when hotels are ranked in Miami. Below is information and important facts on Miami’s top hotels and resorts.
Miami hotel

The Biltmore Miami Hotel

Located in Coral Gables, Biltmore Hotel is more of a national historic landmark than just a resort. It dates back to 1926 and sits on 150 acres of land. One of the most fascinating facts about this hotel is that the 150 acres is not on water but it does own a 22,000 sq ft swimming pool which is largest ever in the United States. In addition, Biltmore stands out as the only hotel in North America which owns a recreational culinary school.

Biltmore does not necessarily have a beach in sight but it is a hotel worth spending in. It has a golf course, big rooms and offers culinary academy to its guests. If it is water recreation that you are hunting for, the 22,000 sq ft swimming might as well offer the pleasure you would find on a beach.

Trump International Resort

The Trump International Resort is another of the hotels which earns itself a place on Miami’s top list. It is located in Sunny Isles and especially favored by families owing to its wide array of recreation activities for everyone irrespective of age. It has a free kid’s club which keeps the children doing something while their parents have a good time on the beach or the resort’s swimming pool. Possibly, you will also like the rooms which have a kitchenette and a good ocean view.

However, you have to note that the resorts location secludes it from the cities restaurants which limit dining options. All in all, proximity to the beach scores it a lot of marks when it comes to reputation and popularity. Additionally, you must have realized that this resort gives you a chance to select between the beach and its two large swimming pools.

Shelborne South Beach

This particular hotel is located on the historic Collins Avenue which is an obvious advantage over other hotels in the city. Some of its delights include easy accessibility of the beach and several dining options provide by its two state of the art restaurants. It has great rooms which incorporate modern décor and state of the art furniture.

Shelborne South beach is however not an ideal selection for people who plan to travel with family. Although the accommodation and everything else is great, there are few activities for children which would be disappointing if you traveled with them and decided to lodge in Shelborne. All in all, you can try it alone or with a spouse and you will never get frustrated.