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We’ve all hard the frustrated experience of trying to remove those seemingly impossible to remove stains. dirt and grease from indulgent food stuffs (kebabs, burgers etc.) and those underarm stains that easily ruin shirts. Want to know how to remove these stains and ensure your clothes are kept clean and fresh? Read on for our top cleaning tips.

Handy Tip #1 – Red Wine Stains
This is by far the most annoying stain that can easily be acquired in social gatherings when the host or hostess has had a few and accuracy becomes diminished. It can cause sometimes cause embarrassment and easily offend, so here’s how to avoid. Rub salt on the red wine spill and after this dab with some vanish soap. Then when you put the clothes in the wash the stain will come out nicely.

Handy Tip #2 – Remove Underarm Stains
It’s not sufficient to just wash your clothes and expect that the armpit stains will immediately vanish, because more often than not they won’t. We recommend using white vinegar to remove underarm stains from T-Shirts, shirts etc. Simply spray the white vinegar on the underarm stain and leave it for an hour. Then you can put the shirt in the wash, and voila – underarm stain removed!

Handy Tip #3 – Removing Greasy Stains
To remove greasy stains from clothing material we have this great organic tip. Pound some chalk into fine pieces, then mix with lavender-water which should form a slight paste. Put this on the stain and run it with a finger. Finally, place a sheet of blotting paper to absorb excess liquid and brown paper on the top. You can then smooth it with an iron on a very low heat setting.

Handy Tip #4 – Removing pet urine from the carpet
Pet urine can be a very tricky stain to remove, but don’t despair help is at hand! If you find pet urine on your carpet, make sure you grab a paper towel to try and soak up as much as the urine as possible. The next step is to fill a bucket or small container with a solution of white vinegar and hot water to a 50/50 ratio if possible. Then sponge the area where the urine is, and give a good clean. Leave this to dry. Once the area is dry, simply add some baking soda to the carpet. Then wearing protective gloves mix a quarter of a cup with 3% hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and put the liquid mixture over the baking soda. Finally give the carpet a good scrub and leave to dry, and then once you’re happy that the stains and smell has gone, vacuum the carpet.

Article written by The Brighton Cleaning Company.