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Doing SEO after Panda update can be a little confusing. After the most recent Panda and search algo updates from Google were completed, many websites were at a loss on how to procede. The Panda updates primarily deal with spam related concerns while the algorithm updates were made to focus on search result quality. This handy guide is a great way to understand how to SEO effectively with the updates.

Content is King
Having both valuable and unique content is the most important aspect of a website. Make sure that users can navigate easily while still having a professional and interesting appearance. When appropriate use humor and great graphics to fuel interest. Also, maintain an active blog. This means updating 2-6 times a month although updating weekly on the same day is one of the best way to keep people interesting. Use images and videos in every post. Avoid stock images as these are not effective and generate original images as much as possible. It’s also recommended to build in WordPress. When appropriate, submit the site to niche directories and be willing to pay. Usually the paid directories are better.

Social Signals
On page social signals are important. Using testimonials, scrolling or flash are eye-catching and interesting. If using Facebook or Twitter have both feeds available on the website. Facebook has other ways to attract people by having a share and like buttons. Have these available on high value content and blog posts. Another great way to promote is to show the names and logos of existing customers on the homepage. However, this is only a good idea if they are well-known.

Although Panda update has changed, backlinking is still important. Use a mix of nofollow/dofollow backlinks from commends and trackbacks. This is preferrably low outbound links. This is overall a lower quantity and higher quality so make backlinking a priority. Many businesses are avoiding this, thinking that the updates will have made it irrelevant, but it should still be a priority. Look for unconventional ways to backlink as they will still be important even after the recent Panda update.

Whenever new content or blog posts are added, make sure to use quotes and information from industry leaders. Use companies that are well-known that will be recognized by customers. When doing this, make sure to give them credit and backlink to any sources that have been used. Another great way to connect is to join a major industry forum. Be a moderate participater with 2-5 being a good range of participation. Another great way to connect is to write an amusing review for the software that you use and prefer. There is a good chance that the software company will want to feature the review, also providing high PR.

While not all of this information is not new, it is a good summary of practices to follow after the Panda update. This post can clarify any questions and concerns about SEO and help businesses stay relevant. Use these tips for SEO optimization/

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