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Android is an extremely common platform on which a plethora of smartphones and tablets run. Besides, this platform opens avenues to download a myriad of apps ranging from gaming to educational and even photo and music apps. Besides, there are a large number of PDF apps that can also work wonders either on your smartphone or your tablet. There could also be an ardent need to transfer certain important apps from one phone to another. While there are numerous ways to carry out this function, one of the most common techniques is to transfer the files by making use of the Bluetooth. However, there is one question that is bound to niggle at you. If a person urgently requires an app, can’t he download it from the Google Play store? This question can always be answered in the affirmative. However, there could be several issues or obstacles that you might face when actually downloading the app. For starters, you may be looking for a PDF to Word Converter online; however, your internet may be down for one of several reasons. Besides, you may have had to delete an app due to some reason and your inability to pay for it again can lead you to transfer it via Bluetooth. Given below are two excellent apps that will help you transfer all kinds of apps from one phone to another by using your phone’s Bluetooth.

Top Tips That Can Help You Transfer Your PDF Apps On Android via Bluetooth

1.) Astro:

This is another versatile mobile application that lets you transfer numerous apps on Android via Bluetooth. You can even look for PDF to Word converter online.

Step 1:

Once installed, run the application. You will see a button labelled ‘Settings’. Once this is done, you will then need to tap on the ‘Tools’ option. This will cause a new window to pop open.

Step 2:

The ‘Tools’ option will have 3 sub options, from which, you will be required to choose one.  Select the option that reads ‘Application Backup’.

Step 3:

Once this is done, the app will consume some time to search through your phone and draw up a list of every single app that you have installed on your phone.

Step 4:

Select the app that you wish to send across and then select the backup button. This will help create the APK file that will be sent across through the Bluetooth. One of the most amazing things about using this app is that you can send as many apps as you’d like to. The backup will be done and you will need to return to the homescreen of the app.

Step 5:

The SD card of the app will now contain a comprehensive list of the apps that you had earlier included. To get access to these apps, you will need to go to Backups and look into the ‘Apps’ section.

Step 6:

Once this is done, you need to then focus on Bluetooth File Transfer app for the next steps.

2.) Bluetooth File Transfer App:

Step 1:

As such, you are not permitted to transfer apps through Bluetooth and therefore, the Bluetooth file transfer app is an excellent way to carry out this operation on Android with guided ease.  The first thing that you need to do is downloading and run this app for it to function.

Step 2:

Go to backups and select the option ‘Apps’. You will be displayed with a list of apps that you would want to include in your Bluetooth transfer. Select the app that you would like to send across.

Step 3:

Search for Bluetooth devices to find the device to which you wish to share the app to. Once selected, all the receiver needs to do is accept the file and install it.

Author’s bio:

Shane Davola is a freelance writer and is also a technology addict. He is constantly looking for new ways to apply technology in everyday activities. He has been working on the PDF to Word converter online. He is also a trained musician but plays only on family occasions.