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Whether your business is a hotel with an underground car park system or a large business park with an open air car park, having an effective car park security system in place is essential, as they are unfortunately a regular target for car thieves and vandals. By implementing certain security procedures and installing various pieces of security equipment, your car park can operate to the desired level without you having to worry about the safety and security of the customers who use it and any vehicles on site. Here are a few tips to achieving effective car park security:

CCTV and Signs

Installing CCTV cameras to your car park facilities is a really good idea which can have a huge effect on deterring potential car thieves. If criminals know that they are being watched they are far less likely to take the risk on stealing or vandalising the cars on the premises, knowing that their faces could soon be on the most wanted list at the local police station. Another good system – and it is a lot cheaper – is to put warning signs around the car park. These signs put negative thoughts into the heads of potential thieves and are likely to put them off any criminal activity they may be considering. CCTV and signs are also great for customers as they reassure them that the business is doing its best to stamp down on crime and provide a safe and secure service for them to use.

Car Park Attendants

It doesn’t matter if your car park is underground or above ground, having a human face patrolling the area and on the kiosks of the car park is much more reassuring to the customers of car parks than not having anyone there and relying on technology. If you are using the car park late at night after work and there is no one around, an underground car park can be an intimidating place. The car park doesn’t have to be patrolled 24:7, but it is a handy service to provide to deter car thieves and give customers a little extra peace of mind.

Security Shutters, Grilles and Bollards

There are a few extra security measures you can make to ensure the safety and security of the customers using the car parks and their cars. These come in the form of security shutters, roller grilles and bollards. These heavy duty security fittings add solid protection to the entrance and exits of your car park and ensure that nobody gets in or out unless they are up and out of the way, and as they are controlled by radios, fob transmitters and digital switches, you will be in complete control. They are incredibly useful for businesses that are not open 24 hours a day yet have car parking facilities on site.

Daley has a keen interest in security for both home and business, and works with LBS Group to highlight ways that both home and business owners can better secure their premises.