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It’s that time of year again folks! Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get out there and start your Christmas shopping. You’ve got your shopping bags, you’ve got your comfy shopping shoes and you’ve got the mind-set of a warrior to get you Top Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Christmas Party
It’s usually the case that if anyone evens thinks about mentioning Christmas before the 1st of December then all hell breaks loose but if it’s a whole different story when someone mentions the Christmas party!
Oh yes, the hilarious, awkward and embarrassing Christmas party when you can guarantee that someone’s going to reach a whole new level of drunk (watch out for the quiet ones!) The eagerly anticipated Christmas party is an annual necessity in nearly every office across the country and now’s the time to start planning it. So how are you going to pull off the perfect Christmas party?

Drink: Go the Extra Mile

Of course you didn’t need reminding that alcohol is the cornerstone to almost every single office Christmas party in the world! Letting your employees have a good drink helps them to let loose and have a great time but be sure to provide plenty of soft drinks as well for employees that don’t drink and for those that have maybe had a tiny little bit too much.
If you want to make this year’s Christmas party extra special, splash out a bit with the booze or hire in a professional barman to speed up service, make fancy cocktails and add some flair and fun to waiting at the bar.

Food: Feed Them Well or Suffer the Consequences

So you’ve got the drink sorted but please, oh please don’t forget about the food! Forget about the food and you will certainly see the consequences. Drinking on an empty stomach is a big no-no and letting your employees do it is a recipe for disaster.
There’s no need to splash out on an expensive three course dinner but you should probably provide more than a few nibbles. Set up a buffet or have a simple sit down dinner at the beginning at the night; of course if you’re feeling flush, fancy waiters serving a gourmet meal certainly isn’t going to do any harm!

Music: Everyone Has the Same Taste in Music…Right?

Getting the music right at the Christmas party is always a tricky one; the age range can go from 16 to 65 and unless you’ve got unbelievably similar employees, chances are that they’ll have very different tastes in music. So what’s the best way to avoid a dance floor disaster?
Let’s face it, you’re never going to please everyone, all of the time but the best way to please the majority of your party, however, is to stick to fairly well-known tunes (no obscure dance music or underground hip-hop tracks) and always keep it upbeat; with that level alcohol, you don’t want to be encouraging emotional breakdowns with depressing music!
The trick to putting on the perfect Christmas party is to make sure your guests feel at ease, provide everything they need to have a good time and make sure that everything is planned well in advance. Never leave the organisation of your Christmas party to the last minute! Well, get going and happy party planning!

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This article was written by Jennifer Griffiths on behalf of Coxtails. If you’re looking for professional barmen to add flair and fun to your Christmas party, Coxtails are the place to go!