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2013 saw a drastic change in the fashion world with neon trending the runway. Besides, with the changing seasons, it is also important to bring about fresh changes in your hair and makeup. Your hair can define your entire ensemble and add a fresh boost of energy. A good hairstyle has the power to completely change your appearance and take it notches higher. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to stock up on all types of salon equipment to keep your hair in the best condition. When it comes to the year 2013, there are certain trends in hairstyle that are ruling all the fashion blogs and magazines and it is certainly something that you should not miss out on. Follow these top trends for 2013 to keep your hairstyle stylish and chic and effortlessly timeless.

Top Trends For Your Hairstyle In This 2013 That Are Here To Stay

1.) The Buzz Cut:

If you thought that the buzz cut was designed only for men, you must mull over the fact again. The buzz cut looks effortless on men; however, 2013 is bringing about a revolution in hairstyles with several women opting for the extremely short crop, which is popularly known as the buzz cut. This cut is specifically for women who do not like to spend to long working on their hair but still wish to have the showstopper effect. However, this buzz cut is slightly different from that of men’s. It is important that your hair does not end up looking too masculine. Therefore, to maintain the femininity, it is important that your stylist opts for a tapered look along the nape of the neck and the sideburns while still leaving a voluminous feel on the crown of the head.

2.) Straight Long Hair with Long Layers:

This is a timeless hairstyle and is gaining immense popularity this 2013. This hairstyle boasts of voluminous long hair that looks sleek and smooth. It has fewer, longer layers that keep up with the length of the hair. Although this type of hairstyle suits women with long hair who are reluctant to chop their tresses, it is also important that you consider the health of your hair before making a decision. It is extremely important to use almost all types of salon equipment along with deep conditioning on a weekly basis to maintain its health and do justice to this latest hairstyle trend of 2013.

This hairstyle would frame an oval face perfectly. However, it does not mean that women with a conflicting face shape cannot adapt to this hairstyle. All you need to do is ensure that there are additional layers that are angled well to frame a particular face shape.

3.) The Pixie Cut:

This 2013, the pixie cut is gaining immense momentum with more women opting for this short crop look that naturally frames your face and helps uplift your facial features. Adding some drama to the pixie cut is an absolute essential. it helps breathe life into the hairdo. Therefore, it is a great idea to add some side swept bangs to create volume. Besides, you can add some texture to the whole look by layering the extremely short hair at the back. It is important that you resort to this hairstyle if you boats of strong features to help highlight your hairdo.

4.) Front Bangs with Mid-length Hair:

This is especially suited for women with thin hair. The bangs should be structured in a way that it can be carried well even when they grow out. Besides, you must consider adding long invisible layers to the length of your hair. This makes you hair look thicker. Never opt for layers that end around the cheekbones as it will help give volume to the crown section of your head and make the ends of your hair look thin and dull.

Author’s bio:

Pete Campbell is a fashion blogger, consultant and a freelance writer. He recently released his very first e-book on summer styling. His prized possessions are all types of salon equipment that he owns. Besides, he also loves reading books and has an unbelievable collection of autobiographies.