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When I moved into my new flat I quickly realised that there was a serious problem with the damp.  The flat is on the ground floor and I work away during the day. This means I have to keep the windows shut most of the time for security.

Unfortunately this prevents the flat from airing properly and the moisture quickly started to build up.  I found that condensation was literally running down the windows and mould was starting to grow in the bathroom.  This damp problem was made worse in the winter when I dried my clothes indoors and also from where I cooked in the kitchen.

Preventing Mould and Damp
It is difficult to prevent mould in the home.  If the conditions are humid and warm then the mould thrives typically on bathroom walls, windows and curtains.  If you have a severe damp problem then mould can affect other areas of your home as well including your books and clothes.  I found that clothes I had stored in my wardrobe were starting to go damp and also my electrical equipment was suffering from the excessive damp.

It was time to take action and start tackling the dampness in my home before the mould ruined my belongings and started affecting my health.

After doing a little research online I decided to invest in a dehumidifier.  These devices are designed specifically to extract moisture from the air.

  • I purchased a 12 litre unit which offered automatic humidity level adjusters.  This would start working on high to deal with the excessive moisture to begin with then drop down to a more normal level for every day humidity control.
  • I was amazed at how much water collected in the dehumidifier in just the first few days.
  • I positioned the unit in the hallway between the bathroom and bedrooms and I had to empty the collected tray every few hours.
  • The unit extracted litres of water from my flat and I really started to notice the difference after just the first week.
  • Now that I knew the dehumidifier was working I set about eradicating the mould.  Using a special mould cleaner I wiped down all the walls, ceilings and windows.
  • I washed all the fabrics that had been affected with the mould on a high cycle including curtains and clothing.
  • Next I invested in some mould resistance paint and recovered the bathroom and kitchen walls that had been most affected by the dampness.

I was amazed at how much difference dehumidifiers made to my home.  These practical units were very effective at removing excess moisture from the air and ensuring my flat was free from damp and mould.