Transform Your Boring Bathroom Into An Escape

Do you have only one bathroom to share among two or three people? Does the daily use of your bathroom leave you with a feeling of boring confinement? A bathroom makeover does not have to involve tearing out drywall, a group of workers making a mess and an enormous bill for a remodeling project. There are simple ways to open up a shared bath and make using it a more pleasant daily routine. Just the simple placement of a frameless wall mirror can give an illusion of greater area in a confined space.

Turning A Bath Into a Private Spa

There are a number of ways to create and upscale bathroom with a few well-placed accents. Whether your bath is roomy but boring or tight on space, a few reasonably inexpensive ideas can give you a bath transformation:

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  • Strategically-Placed Wallpaper — If your bath has nothing but painted walls, use some wallpaper to break up the boring scenery. One wall, preferably one with a long view, place a wallpaper with a country scene, one with a cityscape or an ocean or coastal view. It will be a visual focal point that opens up some room and heightens the decor. Add a round frameless wall mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the wallpaper scenery. This will give off an illusion of a small window showing the reflected view of your wallpaper.
  • Plants and Things — A few wall sconces that can double as plant or vine holders will spice up the walls of the bathroom. Make sure their out of the way but easily visible. Plants offer up a measure of lush, tropical comfort to any decor. The shower humidity will help keep the plants healthy so they don’t dry out as often as in other areas of the home.
  • Update Your Holders — If you’ve chosen a wallpaper that offers an ocean scene, for instance, carry the theme further and get matching towel rings, bars and toilet paper holders. Whether subtle or audacious, the accents will spice up your bath giving the eyes something else to view other than stark, utilitarian holders.
  • Lighting — Give yourself a choice of lighting. Often the bath has only one or two options of bright lighting. Add a wall lamp in a well-placed location to offer a more subdued light when wanted. One or two wall lamps can keep only one area of the bathroom lit giving a cozier cast to the environment.

With just a little imagination and creativity, your single bathroom can become a lush, comfortable room for everyone who uses it. The ambiance will be upgraded from boring to delightful — no expensive remodel needed.

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