Translating Ain’t Such A Boring Topic!

Starting and running a global business has become so much easier as the world is now shrunk into one big manageable market.

Whether your customers are in Bangkok or Florida, you can sell any good product anywhere as long as you are willing to work hard to promote your idea.

Does Communication Matter?

One of the most vital elements of any successful global business is excellent communication. Unless your target customers are informed about the product and its features, they will not be motivated to purchase it. Communication is relatively easier when you are selling in your home country but, can be difficult if it is a foreign country when you are not aware of their cultural, social, political and linguistic situations. It is important that the information is correct as well as suitable for the foreign market. The anecdotes and terminology used need to be according to be familiar to the foreign customers.

In Japan, for instance, white colour represents mourning – so, when selling gift items in Japan, it is not a good idea to wrap these in white sheets! The same sales letter that works in the home market might not have the same effect in foreign market. Take a good look at your web page, leaflets and brochures to make sure the text and presentation are suitable for your target customers. 

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Another example I can quote here is when translation service is required for something technical – for example, medical information. In 

this case, the translators are not just required to have a strong command over the language but, also need to have technical knowledge to produce a superior quality document. A good example of this is of the first portal that was developed to provide information about HIV/AIDS. Firstly, it was essential to get technical experts to create the most accurate text for the website. The next step was to find translation agencies to translate the information into multiple languages so that the portal could cater to a broad spectrum of communities. While some of the simple translations can be handled well by certain computer software, human translators are an essential requirement to make sure that translation of the information is accurate.

Choosing The Right People

The translation agency that you choose for your business needs should be able to understand your specific requirements and deliver documents accordingly. Some of the most important considerations to be made are cost, expertise, location and speed of service. Take a look online or even look on the big social sites to get an idea of what companies are offering this service these days, as you probably already know this is a growing market.

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