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Transporting Equipment for your Film Overseas

For a filmmaker who is looking to shoot his latest film project overseas, it is important that he choose a reliable mode of transportation to ship all of his required filming equipment. Everyone involved in the production of the movie should know they can rely on the service to deliver their equipment on time and in mint condition. Heavy equipment shipping services are available by both air and sea. The best overseas shipping service companies will take into consideration how heavy your containers are, and how fast you need them transported to your filming destination.

Transportation management services that work in the film industry are generally a well-established company with years of experience in this specialized area of overseas shipping. A filmmaker seeking this type of service will want to do business with a company that has an exceptional track record, and also one he feels like he can trust completely. Whether the film company is shipping a small crate or several large containers of equipment, they want to know their chosen transportation service is reliable and has given them the best possible price.

When it comes to heavy equipment shipping overseas, a filmmaker should know all of his equipment and containers must first arrive at the departing sea port or airport for pick up. Common methods for heavy shipping are via a flat rack container or a roll-on/roll-off, also known as a ro-ro. The flat rack container used for heavy equipment is reminiscent of a large flat-bed truck. Flat racks are equipped to hold up to 90,000 pounds. The equipment required for filming is carefully placed on the flat rack container before it is then loaded onto the ship or airplane. With the ro-ro, the filming equipment will be driven on or off the transporting vessel using specialized ramps. Also, Modified shipping containers are made for special purposes and maybe very helpful in special cases like this.

A filmmaker should also know his equipment might need to be broken down prior to overseas shipping. While most equipment used in the film industry may be sturdy and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, it is wise not to ship it fully assembled. By doing this, it helps ensure no harm or damage comes to the expensive equipment, requiring it to be replaced or repaired. Filming equipment will first be carefully broken down, and then wrapped and packed by experienced transport management service professionals. Shipping insurance coverage will usually be included in your quoted price, and the transportation service company arranges customs clearance (if required) with the approved, receiving containment facility in the filming destination.

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