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Anyone that makes a habit of visiting Las Vegas on a regular basis isn’t just a tourist–they’ve joined the ranks of the Las Vegas commuters. Making frequent trips to Las Vegas can be costly and dangerous for those that don’t live like the locals. The following four tips are ways for any frequent Vegas visitor to start living life like a Las Vegas regular.

Know High Traffic Areas

Making frequent trips to Las Vegas will make anyone feel like a local. Frequent visitors to Vegas can make their lives easier by commuting as they live there. Make sure to become familiar with all high traffic areas and ways to avoid these areas during peak hours. By committing this information to memory, you’ll be able to avoid the daily traffic gridlock and spend time more productively.

Save Contact Information for Emergency Services

Emergency roadside services come in handy regardless of what city one is in. Anyone that makes regular trips to Vegas would do well to save the contact information for local tow truck companies, roadside assistance, and attorneys like GGRM Law Firm. With this information readily available, any driver will be prepared in the event of a car crash or a similar emergency.

Know the Nearest Hospital

In an emergency situation, having to search the Internet for the closest hospital can be nerve-wracking. Instead of losing valuable time panicking trying to find the closest emergency room, make a list of the nearest hospitals and clinics prior to an emergency. With the information for Las Vegas’ closest hospitals and emergency clinics saved, any Vegas commuter can get the life-saving medical care they need in record time.

Look Up Local Public Parking

After making multiple trips to Las Vegas, it’s high time frequent flyers to Vegas know the best places to park. Instead of having to scout out public parking every visit, it’s easy to have a go-to public parking spot. In addition to saving time during every trip, knowing the best places to park will reduce the likelihood of getting parking tickets and fines.

Whether you travel to Las Vegas regularly for work or you can’t get enough of the glitz and glam, keep the fun in “Sin City” by staying safe and smart each trip to Las Vegas. Don’t make the same tourist mistakes of getting stuck in traffic or overpaying for parking. Be sure to keep these four tips in mind to make sure your frequent Vegas commutes are as safe as possible.