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If you are a passionate golfer, then it is probably hard for you to imagine going on vacation without your clubs. After all, who knows when the opportunity to shoot a few swings might come along? However tempting the idea of travelling with your own golf clubs may be, keep in mind that there are actually very few guarantees in life. This is especially true for air travel, considering that you are forbidden to carry anything but hand luggage with you.

Well, there is always the option of renting the clubs from the golf resort. On the other hand, I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to use rented clubs because I get the same impression as trying to play drums when I only know how to play guitar. This is why I’ve decided to put together a list of tips on how to travel with your clubs without damaging them. Essentially, if you select a good travel company, you can be certain that your clubs will not only arrive at the destination intact, but also on time.

1. How to properly pack your clubs
Because the clubs exceed the carry-on limit for air travel, they are considered a hazard and the airlines will simply force you to place the bag with the clubs with the regular luggage. Since there is practically nothing you can do about this, the solution implies packing them and your other accessories in a manner that does not allow them to move around in the bag too much.

My solution for protecting the clubs and keeping all my other golf accessories with me is to throw in some of the stuff that I regularly place in the luggage. By adding some of the clothes, the markers, tees, gloves or the visor inside the golf bag you will ensure two important aspects: you will be certain the clubs won’t bump into each other, thus preventing damage while also conserving luggage space.

Perhaps the key point to remember when preparing your luggage is not to place the clubs directly in a soft bag because these encasements tend to offer limited protection. If you keep them in their original golf bag, put the covers on and place it in a sturdier travel bag, you can be sure they will arrive intact. If you don’t have covers for the clubs, then you can envelop them in bubble wrap or your rain gear for instance.

2. What sort of bag should you use?
Now that we clarified some things about how to pack the clubs, let’s discuss a few details about the type of golf bag that is best suited for travelling. The good news is that most bags come with specifications that clearly state whether or not they are suitable for travelling. The next key factor to consider is the diameter of the bag; again they come in different sizes so you will not have a hard time finding the bag to store various-sized clubs. On a side note, even though you are cushioning the inside of the bag with clothes and other accessories, it is best to buy a bag with top to bottom case padding.

In case your clubs are heavy and, in general, hard to carry from one place to another, then you should consider getting a bag with handles and wheels. While the latter simplifies maneuvering the bag (carrying it on the stairs, taking it out of the trunk, lifting it onto the luggage cart, etc), wheels with inline skates design will ensure your bag is easy to carry on uneven terrain.

3. Whenever in doubt… ship them separately
If your travel agency cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the safe travel of your clubs, then you should not risk it and have them shipped separately to a nearby hotel or the golf resort. While specialized shipping companies are the best solution for this, I have to admit they are not exactly cheap. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that your clubs and accessories are actually worth much more than the shipping fee.

In the eventuality that shipping fees negatively impact the budget you established for your vacation, then I suggest doing some research and finding a service that ships them directly. As with many other businesses these days, cutting off the middleman means significant savings.

Hello folks, I am Chad and I am a golfing enthusiast. Though I stay in another state, I often love to take a golf vacation to PGA Village in Florida – the golfing experience is simply unbeatable!