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Many young people aspire to take a year or so off from normal life in order to spend their time travelling overseas. Motivated by a sense of adventure, the focus is on gaining experience, meeting new people, seeing new places, and having fun. Although it might be a bit of an old cliché, travel really does broaden the mind. It might take a little extra courage and resolve to, but it pays real dividends in terms of the rest of your life and it only enhances your CV; to have gained experience travelling and working abroad says a lot about the kind of person you are.

The problem that many people find is financing such a trip, and very few people are able to afford it without working their way round it, but knowing where to start finding jobs abroad can be difficult; particularly as most of the training that we receive at university and college does not translate into a short term or casual job that we can do abroad.

One area in which many young people are finding short term jobs while travelling is in hospitality. These kinds of jobs range from working in hotels to working in bars and restaurants, and as there are bars, restaurants and hotels all over the world, it is generally far easier to find a job in this field than in many of the other options that may be available. Another advantage of working in hospitality is that it is often possible to find a good job for just three to six months and, if you are really lucky, a hotel job that provides accommodation and meals too, which can be a real bonus.

In order to make the best of the opportunities that are available in hospitality, it is worthwhile gaining some training and experience at home before you start out on your trip. This will not only make you more employable, it will differentiate you from similarly minded travellers who do not have such experience and training, and it will generally increase your level of confidence; you will know what will be expected of you and you will be confident that you are able to do it.

No doubt you are impatient to start out on your adventure, but really there is no immediate rush. Taking a hospitality job at home for a few months before you set off will not only provide you with valuable experience, it will give you the opportunity to save up a nest egg to help pay for your trip so that you can travel for a few months before you need to get a job abroad.

Finding a hospitality job abroad is not difficult, especially if you have previous experience, and there are always vacancies for the right kind of person; it is a great way to work your way round the world and finance your dream.

This is a guest post by Adam a new Londoner, who has interests in recruitment, all things techy, a passion for travel and a love of fashion. He blogs about recruitment, travel and IT/technology as well as latest trends in mens and womens fashion. If you want Adam to write you specific content, feel free to message me on Twitter (@NewburyNewbie).