Turn Your Business Into A Well Oiled Machine

Turn Your Business Into A Well Oiled Machine

One of the many things you will need to try and overcome when running a business is conflict in the work place. Conflict is one of those things that can spiral out of control; forging gaps in communication and affecting the entire team.

In order for any business to run smoothly, you want your business to run like a space ship or a huge submarine, basically a well-oiled machine. Your staff need to communicate, work together as a team and not be shy to come up with new and improved ways to complete tasks as a unit.

Open Communication and Involvement
Communication is essential to the success of any business. Two main departments that are not talking to each other can leave a huge gap in your communications and this can filter down to the client; definately not the situation you want to find yourself in. Your need your teams to communicate openly with each other and work together well to offer the best possible customer service; helping you drive your business forward.

Getting the staff involved in meetings is the first step to making a change. Whether it’s the team leader of the sales department or the runner who makes tea and runs documents around, getting them in a room together and giving them an opportunity to contribute, will help you get your business running smoothly.

For staff who have an opportunity to contribute, they can suggest ways to improve tasks and communicate problems that they are facing. This means change can be implemented, remember it’s all about keeping the customer happy and working towards repeat and referral business moving forward.

Team Building and Initiative Rewards
Team building exercises are always good fun, but they play an important role when it comes to trust, working together and communication. Team building can be done in the office or when going out on a company day out. It’s a way for the team to work together, improve their communication which they can then take back to the work place with them and use there to improve the overall running of the business.

Handing out rewards on a regular basis can give the staff something to work towards. Maybe if they reach a certain target or use their initiative to solve a problem, they can be treated for a nice day out. While on the day out take advantage of the team building exercises and have some fun while working together.

Team building exercises will work for any business whether you have staff who work well together or staff that are constantly clashing and making the work environment uncomfortable for everyone.

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