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A house is really just bricks and mortar but it takes some special touches to make it into a home. A home is a place which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and is a place you look forward to arriving at after a long day. If you have recently moved and want to turn your house into a home, there are many ways you can create the perfect environment for you and your loved ones.

Colour and Patterns
In order to create a place that makes you feel at home, you need to carefully choose the right colours and fabrics. Warm and fresh colours will help to create the right atmosphere and they should be the right ones to suit your own needs. Floral patterns are an ideal way to create a warm environment that makes it a place you want to spend time in.

If you want to create a homely environment, candles are the way to do it. Candles will instantly create warmth in the home and give it a special glow. You can also find scented candles which will ensure the place smells nice at all times. There is nothing more relaxing than candles placed around the bathroom so if you want to really unwind after a hard day; these are an essential addition to your home.

You can really help to create the right atmosphere through the careful use of lighting. You don’t want to have bright lights everywhere so you may wish to choose lighting with dimmer options, so you can turn them up or down to suit your needs. The lights you choose will depend on the theme of your own, but it is a good idea to have a number of different styles for every room in the home.

If the home has little furniture it will look empty and far from homely. You don’t want it to look too cluttered but the right furniture will go a long way to ensuring it feels like a place you want to spend time in. If the theme of your home is traditional, you should choose oak styles as these will help to create the right atmosphere.

A home is not complete without some personal items such as photos, as these instantly make the place feel like your own. You may want to place photos of your family around the home or even portraits of your pet to give it a look and feel that makes you feel completely comfortable.

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