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Two Top Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain

A memory foam mattress can make all the difference between a restful eight hours of sleep and a long, waking night of tossing and turning. For someone who experiences chronic back pain, this can make a huge change in mood and comfort during all the everyday activities of daily living. A good night’s sleep is often hard to come by. It’s safe to say without even reading the research, that sleep is important for health and wellbeing. It’s worth the effort to improve the conditions that you’re sleeping in night after night.

If you have chronic back pain, you should consider some of the following benefits of this bed surface material for your overall state of mind.

1.      Sleep quality can be greatly improved.

Experts have exposed many potential benefits of memory foam mattresses for anyone who is having trouble sleeping, whether it’s caused by back pain or any other reason. It is hard to test the quality of sleep, because this is such a subjective thing, but many people report feeling more well-rested and experiencing less pain in the back, neck and shoulders during the day after prolonged exposure to this particular material during sleep. Some studies have been conducted using an electroencephalogram to track brain activity, however, and it showed some evidence of more restful sleep.

2.      It contains open cell technology to promote ultimate comfort.

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Not all mattresses are built the same, so it’s important to find the make and model that works best for your specific needs to relieve your back pain. Many experts recommend products by Boyd LuxaRest, for example, which is made with a special type of “open cell” material.

The biggest benefit of open cell technology is the ability to relieve pressure while promoting air flow through tiny passages in the mattress. There are literally billions of tiny cells that act like balloons that fill with air when not in use and move the air to surrounding passageways when someone is lying on top of them. Heat also dissipates more quickly in this open cell bedding surface, so you feel soothed and comfortable as you drift off to sleep, even on a warm night.

If you experience chronic back pain and need more support and comfort during the night, you should definitely consider memory foam products. It has the potential to greatly improve your comfort levels and give you the night’s rest you’ve been dreaming of!     

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