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A variety of options of walk in baths are available for the disabled and elderly with most being able to be customized for specific needs. These options allow those with disabilities or those that are aging to properly maintain personal hygiene without assistance. It also is a reassurance of independence for the elderly, which is an important factor in their overall quality of life.


When space is an issue in a bathroom, a compact walk-in unit is an ideal option. These are fabricated to fit in the space while still allowing for enough movement throughout the bathroom. Compact options are often constructed to be a little bit taller in stature and fit right into the corner of the space. The opening can be situated either in the front or on the side. Most also have a handheld shower head option as well.


Oversize options have a wider door and allow for more room to move when inside. These are generally constructed to have a low-level entry so that those with issues walking or lifting their legs can get in and out easily. While these are more spacious on the inside, they still only take up the same amount of room as a traditional bathtub. The seat is also able to be situated right inside the door so that entering, pivoting and lowering the body are all that are required to be inside the unit safely.

Types Of Walk-In Baths You Can Opt for

Powered Baths

For those with severe mobility issues or disabilities, a powered bath is an option. With this, a slip-resistant chair is located on the exterior of the structure. It is motorized and delivers the user into the tub with the use of a few controls. Most have leg rests to prevent any potential accidents from occurring due to dangling limbs. This is the safest way to assist a severely disabled and mobility limited person into the tub for bathing.

Air Bath

Similar to a Jacuzzi or spa, an air bath has jets within it to make a bathing experience more soothing. This is the ideal option for those that like to incorporate aromatherapy into personal hygiene time. Bath oils can be added to the water and the jets will deliver the fragrant aroma to the water’s surface. In an effort to relax sore muscles and joints and rejuvenate a tired body, the air bath option is ideal.

Combo Massage

The combo massage option of walk-in tubs combines a traditional bath with an air bath and whirlpool experience. This is a luxurious option that is healing, soothing and efficient all at the same time. Users can opt to use just the air bath or just the whirlpool or both, if desired. Users can also opt to keep them off for a traditional bath if they prefer as well.


A whirlpool or spa walk-in option is absolute luxury for anyone, especially those that are elderly and may just feel tired. The movement of the water helps to massage the entire body and loosen tired or sore muscles and joints. It can help to relieve some minor pain from arthritis swelling or other musculoskeletal ailments too.

It is best to explore all of the available options and decide which is best for your specific situation. Keep in mind that there are government programs available to help with the cost of the unit since these are medically necessary for some elderly persons. When selecting the right option, consider the available customization options on each as well. You will need to have the ability to place stability bars and grasping items where you need them the most.