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Ultrabooks Set to Boom According to Analysts

If you just can’t work out whether to go for a powerful desktop PC or a sleek tablet or laptop then there is now another option which is relatively new on the market and which could be ideal for all of your purposes. This is why analysts are suggesting that the new Ultrabooks could be the next big thing in the technology market.

Ultrabooks are incredibly slim laptops which also offer a long battery life and a huge amount of power with them. This means that they can be used as your main computer at home while they are more than suitable for taking on your travels as well.

Slim and Light

Anyone who bought their laptop a few years ago will be surprised at just how sleek these Ultrabooks are. Less than 21mm is the standard definition of one of these machines, and if you work in old money then that it just 0.8 of an inch. With such a slim casing you won’t be surprised to see that it weighs less than one and a half kilos (3.1 pounds). With specifications like these it is clear that taking your computer out on the road with you is a lot easier with one of these devices. Of course, as well as looking at the practical issues we can’t forget to take the cool factor into account. A computer which is so slim and light is going to turn heads wherever you take it and will no doubt start up a few conversations as well.

Long Battery Life  

Using a laptop for work purposes and having it run out of juice on you at an important moment is no fun at all, is it? The minimum requirement for an Ultrabook is to offer at least 5 hours of battery life. Some models actually give more than 8 hours of battery life on them, so being left with a blank screen in a vital meeting should no longer be a worry for you.

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Reasonable Pricing

One of the big factors about Ultrabooks which come as a surprise to many people is the cost involved. The specifications we just covered make it sound as though they are going to cost the earth, don’t they? In fact, they are a lot more reasonably priced than you might think and certainly represent a viable alternative for many people who would otherwise have to look at buying both a desktop PC and a laptop anyway.

Powerful Processors

None of the other factors would matter much if these were powder puff machines, but they aren’t. The first phase models come with Intel Sandy Bridge processors and the subsequent phases are in line to have even more potent CPUs in them.

All of these factors are seen as being important in the future success of the Ultrabook style of laptop. It seems as though the time is right for these machines to take off, and they could very well become hugely popular in the next few months if the analysts’ predictions are borne out.

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