Uncover The Hidden Past Of Your Home

When you buy a house you buy the house for a number of reasons: area, location and amenities etc., but you also buy a house for its past; its history and features.

Past and History
When you buy an older house you may find that the house has a stone displaying the year the house was built and some information about the house. The older the house the more features from the period of when it was built should be present, such as large fireplaces.

In the past fireplaces were used to warm the house but are not like the modern central heating systems that we have today. The fireplaces could vary in size depending on the size of the house and would usually only be able to heat the main living space. In larger houses fireplaces were put in each of the main rooms and the fireplace in the kitchen would have been much larger than in the other rooms.

Some fireplaces also have been covered by previous owners when trying to gain a modern look in an older house.  It was a trend that you would try and get a “clean” look and that a fireplace was not needed as you could have stylish, modern radiators producing consistent cheap heat from the central heating system.

But fireplaces whilst not being as efficient as the modern central heating system are much cosier; you can’t exactly curl up in front of the cold metal radiator with a loved one! For this reason alone I think we are seeing an increase in the number of people trying to uncover the past and find the hidden fireplaces that have been covered. The problem is once you have uncovered the fireplace you need to decide how to make it look good and this is where fireplace surrounds have an important role to play.

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You can get a fireplace made from limestone or sandstone and can buy fireplaces that are standard or custom made. Also you can buy accessories such as fire baskets.

When you get a fireplace you need to get one that will last a number of years and will fit in with the changing decor in your house. A fireplace is also a piece of art that needs to be looked after but also you can’t be scared to use it for its intended use – which is to heat the room.

A lot of fireplaces have started to have flat screen TVs placed over the top as it saves space in the living room and keeps the focus on the centrepiece in the room which is the fireplace.

This guest blog has been written by Steven Hickey, an interior designer who recommends stone fireplaces as a way to change the look of you home.

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