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There are several unique personalized leather gift items available in the market, which we haven’t even thought of it before. Here are few of them listed below that you find useful while gifting someone.

Leather measuring tapes: For those people involved in real estate or construction business, leather measuring tape is a good choice of gift, because they find it very useful and convenient for their work or study.  They are available in 100 cm, 200 cm and even more.


Wine Bottle Holder: A perfect thing to gift someone during their holidays is a wine bottle holder, which is made of high grade cow leather with a strap to carry easily.  There is a need to use brown paper to bag your liquor and here is the fancy leather bottle holder.

Leather napkin rings: Just to have fun, you can gift leather napkin rings made of lamb leather, which is very smooth and stylish and is available in different colors. It is a perfect gift for newly married couples and house warming ceremonies.

Leather Knife cases: Also you can try leather Knife cases in fold-over flap model that is very convenient, easy to handle and give protection to very costly knives. It is easy to carry a penknife, army knife and even a disposable blade when you are in need.

Leather cases for flashlights: Every one of us prefers to carry flashlights with us always. The leather cases fix perfectly in a purse, pocket or car. It is also available in a variety of models and colors. It is not only a gift but also it can help others when they are in a needy situation like, to search for keys in the purse or to look at the map to find directions, etc.

Leather sleeping mask:  For people who travel long and for students who are preparing for exams, these sleeping masks are very useful and comfortable.

It is important to have in mind that it is not important what you are gifting, but your friend, colleague or any relationship who is receiving your gift should find it useful. Choosing leather goods for gift is a valuable idea as it lasts longer, easy to handle, made of high quality, highly durable, sustainable, available in different colors, for fancy look, etc., There are so many personalized leather gifts available in market, like leather bookends, belts, office items, watchbands, etc., The royal look of your leather gift will make your friend and his place to feel royal and your gift will say “I am Always with You”, that makes your money more valuable.

Leather goods always give you pride. For the very lovable person or your best companion, you can choose poker sets, golf accessories, card sets or gaming cases, because they are one of the few items that are available in a variety of leathers, colors and textures. For better looking, decoration, luxury, class, etc., choose Custom Leather portfolio, because they are the one which lasts long as your relationship.