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Eloquence and amazement come to mind when reviewing some of the most unique tables from around the world. A simple structure that started out as a secondary thought in earlier times has evolved into a statement piece designed to enhance the overall feel of any given space. Newer building materials give artists the opportunity to explore and create stunning pieces.

Unique Tables From Around The World


Multifunctional reached new heights with Gessi’s sleek dining table and integrated faucet. The contemporary four-seat design features a sleek white enamel finish, and multiple faucet finishes including glossy black and polished gold. Water conservation technology means customers use 50 percent less water performing everyday tasks. Admirers think the concept unit will make a great addition to outdoor living designs that are gaining momentum among homeowners.


Korean designer Chul an Kwak created a fluid piece called Dynamic Table. Carved from solid wood, a relatively simple top gives way to legs that resemble the tentacles of a sea creature. Many are surprised to discover the legs are actually a nod to horses running across a field. The table is part of a series that exudes movement, even when standing completely still.

United States

Los Angeles-based Ecosmart Fire recognizes that more properties than ever feature functional outdoor spaces. Their Fire and Ice table is a sleek, eye catching piece designed for year ’round use in milder climates. One end of the silver table features an ethanol-burning flue for cozy fires at night. Owners can turn their little fire place into a little farming patch or even an impromptu ice bucket with minimal effort.


Australian manufacturers Heiron and Smith created a party on wheels known as the Executive Pool Table. The table offers add-ons that include a liquid crystal display (LCD) television, media storage racks and built-in liquor storage spaces. An integrated Playstation video game console made the piece a must-have for many gaming enthusiasts.


A Paris exhibition was home to a unique piece designed by Toni Grilo. At first glance, the coffee table dubbed Preciuos Famine looks imposing but the unit really consists of carefully-fused utensils that created quite a bit of buzz in the art world. Many people questioned the safety and environmental-friendliness of such a piece (the artist used new utensils), but everyone agreed it was definitely a creative form of expression.


Lee J Rowland creates ingenious table designs that never cease to amaze. In particular, two pieces continue to enchant critics and consumer alike. The Ripple series uses aerospace technology to give tables a fluid surface with slight rippling induced by realistic “water” droplets hovering just above the platform. Deja Vu platforms feature a digital time stamp or short text message, depending on owner preferences.

Whether it is a pool table or super elaborate dining unit, table designs are increasingly becoming an outlet for artistic expression. Despite all the cool gadgetry and embellishment, designers say their pieces can endure regular consumer use on a daily basis. When it comes to tables, modern pieces continue to make a definitive statement.

Jason Kane is an avid home décor blogger and furniture designer. He always gets his dining table pads from Superior Table Pads.